Sora Lucia – A very good restaurant in Rome

Sora Lucia – A very good restaurant in Rome

As evening fell after another long day of walking we felt a bit hungry so we decided to try to grab something to eat somewhere on our way to the hotel.

Since we were close to Sant’Angelo castle we passed all the regulars like Alfredo e Ada, Baffetto and Cantina e Cucina and everywhere a big queue was forming.

So we stopped for a moment and opened the maps and looked for the closest restaurant to the hotel.

Being so tired we felt that it is one thing to eat and walk a little distance than sit down and eat then walk for a few kilometers until home.

Since the average distance per day was 20-22 kilometers(only on foot) we really tried to narrow the area and eat as close to the hotel as we could.

I don’t know if was luck but on the same street as the hotel, 40-50 meters away we found a restaurant called Sora Lucia that had great reviews and we decided to try that place.

It felt weird in a way because I had passed that restaurant  countless times on both occasions when I visited Rome.

It never really struck me that in that place there was a restaurant I would actually like and fully recommend.


Via Rasella, close to Fontana di Trevi. About 300 meters away, possibly less.

It has no tables outside and I must admit I passed the place quite a few times without realizing there’s a restaurant inside.

veggie aperitifs

However, after testing it, I can honestly say that if you visit the Fontana in the afternoon or evening this could be a great, great place to grab something to eat.

The restaurant’s size is pretty big and i remember upon entering the place and seeing how clean and tidy it was and how neatly arranged things were the first thing that popped in my mind was ‘oh shit I’m going to let a lot of money in this place’.

If that was the case, you’ll just have to keep reading and you will find out.

The staff.

I guess neutral fits the bill. Polite but a bit distant I found them OK but some people might enjoy more the flamboyant style from Cantina e Cucina so I guess it is a matter of preferences.

I can’t complain so for me it gets a pass here.


Now this is the meaty part of the review. Pun intended because I had meat in this restaurant. Among many other things.

We started with Bruschetta and a vegetable Aperitif then moved to a salad and to a big plate of meat.

and then there was meat

Add a half liter of wine and a big bottle of water and I can honestly say that we felt stuffed at the end of the meal.

I know you been left wondering about prices so I will ease your mind now.

48 euros for all of the above(and if I’m not mistaken, service was included in the bill).

Like in most restaurants you will find plenty of options here to satisfy the budget but I guess you can go all crazy especially adding a bottle of more expensive wine.

I can’t really complain about the size of the dishes and from what I have seen around me, the pasta dishes were pretty nice in terms of size so one normal person will certainly feel  OK with the quantity of food.

What has stayed in my mind after visiting this place was not the meat actually, even though it was very good, but rather the vegetable aperitif.

Cooked to perfection, the peppers and the eggplant just tasted delicious.

I often said in my articles that a food needs not to be fancy to be amazing and this place proved that a simple thing like peppers and eggplant can still be delicious if properly cooked.

Since the place is not close to Navona or the Pantheon I doubt many people will come from a big distance to eat here but if you are near the Fontana di Trevi or your accommodation is close by I recommend you give this place a try.

You might enjoy it, just like we did!