About Me

About me. Hmmm this has got to be the hardest post to write on the entire blog.


Since I never enjoyed talking about me much I will just say that…I am 35 and that I love to travel. I guess that you thought of this already since you are on a travel blog.


What you don’t know is how much I love taking pictures from the places I visit, how much I enjoy finding new places to go, how much I love eating and drinking with locals, exploring every small alley, resting on secluded beaches and why not partying.


Most of my free time is spent betwen reading and making plans for new trips.


I am curious, I have always been like that. For me travelling means more than moving from a town to another but it means memories.


Memories filled with laughter, joy, filled with the fear of missing my train or my plane, filled with good restaurants and hotels or places I would never visit again.


Throughout the pages of this blog I hope to show you the things I have seen thru my eyes and maybe make you understand just a little bit why travelling is so important to me.