Tavern Pantazis – Amazing restaurant in Lefkada

Tavern Pantazis – Amazing restaurant in Lefkada

You know that feeling when you’re in the mood for something and you don’t quite know exactly what is it you want?

Maybe something sweet, maybe something salty, maybe something fresh or just baked?

I have that feeling now.

Being bed struck with flue for a couple of days and looking at the fog that still covers the city for some time now my mind races to sunny days. To warm days. To days by the beach. To Greece. To Lefkada.

I haven’t travel much this year. Not as much as I did in the last years. Lots of work, always changing plans, sickness, all added up.

But I loved what I saw this year. First Valencia, then Lefkada and lastly Rome.

even the bread was good

So for me, being sick and eating not so delicious food and looking outside and seeing fog every day for hours, my mind just ran to a better time.

It ran to a place in Lefkada, a place where I had incredible food, watching the sea, on a terrace on the beach.

Because as I stated often all good trips have good food, good wine and laughs in them.

And this trip had everything in it.

We reached tavern Pantazis by luck. We just finished tanning and we were hungry so instead of turning to our usual place where we ate we decided to drive the opposite direction and just look for places.

hot peppers, melted cheese and a delicious pie

Since I didn’t want to leave my car on the road and all the places were taken we got off on the exit to the little harbor and found a place there.

And from there, walking for 100 or 200 meters we reached the tavern.

I won’t be doing the usual review here with bullet points and staff, location, etc but rather write about it as I remember it.

We never looked inside so I don’t know if there are places inside also. We just stopped on the terrace, watching the sea, the port and the beach and looked at the daily menu hanged on a wall.

stuffed peppers

Don’t worry. We didn’t understand a word. It was written in Greek.

So we asked for a menu and hoped for the best.

And the best came.

A man with an apron came and brought us the menu and I started asking questions about the things in the menu or the things written on the wall.

greek salad amongst others

He took the time to translate the dishes to me and we chose a few of them for our first meal there.

I can’t remember exactly all we had during our visits there because we ate a few times and always quite a few dishes.

I always eat too much when I’m in Greece. That’s the truth. Regardless of my visits in Thessaloniki, Athens, Piraeus and now Lefkada I am afraid that I forget about common sense and just stuff my face with lots of food.

The same happened here.

We sampled quite a few things and each time we got up from the table we promised never to eat again that much.

Well, until tomorrow.

The food, well the food was just amazing.

one of the best salads we ever ate and..fries

I loved almost everything I ate and that is a rare thing.

The only thing that did not satisfy me fully was the rice in black ink, a dish I longed for after my experiences in Venice and Ibiza.

I found it to be decent but not as great as in those places.

However, the rest was as the saying goes ‘legendary’.

Simple foods with fresh, clean ingredients, cooked to perfection.

Many people might say ‘it was a simple salad or a simple dish of stuffed peppers’ and I would say everything is simple until you taste/experience some things.

Then simple is not simple and a plain stuffed peppers dish is not just a stuffed pepper dish anymore.

The staff was in perfect harmony with the food. We later found out that the man with the apron, the one who took our order was the owner of the tavern. That’s right. Working alongside his employees, working on his business.

I won’t touch the subject of size of the food because anyone who visited Greece knows that you can only get a small portion by accident.

The fog is risen now but I can’t still let go of this memory.

Because there are places in this world, places you visit, places where you eat, places where you try something new that will always stay with you.

And Tavern Pantazis is one of those places.

ps: will update with the fish and sepia pics as soon as I find them.