Aphrodite Beach Hotel review in Nessebar

Night view from the balcony

Aphrodite Beach Hotel review in Nessebar

Summer was gone and September was coming to a an end fast when I left Romania for the second time.

My second trip was again in Bulgaria hoping to catch some last minute rays of sun before starting to pack on the warmer clothes for the months to come.

Since many people talked about the beauty of a small town in Bulgaria we picked this destination for our trip.

Nessebar, a small, delightful place with its Old Town surrounded by water, a quiet old place with cobbled stones and small alleys.

I didn’t pick a hotel right in the Old Town because as I remember there were no hotels with parking spaces available and I didn’t want to pay extra for leaving it in the parking outside the Old Town walls.

Lovely, lovely room

I picked a hotel on the beach, close to the Old Town, with private parking and my only request was “a room with a sea view”.

I won’t talk about distances here because the Old Town is about 10 15 minutes away on a leisure walk and everything you need is there.

Not much point in getting your car out for such a small distance.

My room was on the first floor and it was perfect.

Big, spacious, clean, with a decent balcony from where I photographed the sunrise each day, about 15 meters from the beach and about 30 40 meters from the sea.

Morning view from the balcony

Even better, the sun was rising each morning on the sea so as a photographer I really appreciated this.

The room was spotlessly clean and the bed was made every day from what I remember.

The bathroom was clean with hot water running all the time and the towels being changed regularly.

But for me the best part of the room was the balcony.

I could make myself a cup of coffee in the morning, get out, set my tripod, listen to the waves and enjoy the sunrise as I was scouting for subjects to photograph.

Also, in the evening, after a full day we sat out enjoying a glass of beer or soda, relaxed, hearing nothing but the waves crashing on the shore.

The staff is another goo point for the hotel and we were really satisfied with how we were treated and our questions answered during the stay.

The bathroom

I already mention the parking which is available at the hotel so after all the pluses can we find a minus for this place?

I originally wanted to write about this in a separate blog post but decided against it and built a one piece post for both the hotel and the restaurant.

So yes, the minus for us was the restaurant.

We only ate once but we were really disappointed with how things went.

Our order wad taken by a girl who then disappeared and food started coming to our table brought by other people from the staff.

This shouldn’t have been a problem except some foods arrived before the soup, we asked for fish soup and it was chicken soup brought to us.

The food was… Well, you could eat it but that’s all. No special taste, nothing.

I tried my luck with a glass of sangria and instantly regretted. It was awful.

Looks good, tastes awful

But that was not what bothered us the most.

We were still missing a dish from our order and we asked the waiter about it and to bring the check because we wanted to leave.

And we were told that she didn’t knew if the dish was on the list from the first waiter but she couldn’t take it off.

It was an appetizer so it should have been brought ages ago but I didn’t want to make a scene and i said that OK bill us for everything and we will pay and leave.

When we were brought the check we saw that the appetizer was not there(good thing) but we were told we have no option to pay by card.

Because we didn’t specify when our order was taken first.

A not so delicious meal

Well, the girl who took our order was missing so how could I prove anything and regardless of that many times I had asked the bill to be paid with a card after it was brought to me and there were no problems.

Even more, we were guests in the hotel. I am sure a solution could have been found so I don’t have to scrap my pockets and gather all the leva to pay the bill.

So the restaurant experience left a bitter taste in our mouths and it wasn’t just the food.

The hotel, on its own, is great. I can’t recommend it enough.

But the restaurant? No way.

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