Petrino Guesthouse – Beautiful accommodation in Meteora

Petrino Guesthouse – Beautiful accommodation in Meteora

Even though we initially wanted to reach Meteora on our Greece journey after some time thinking we said “well, maybe another time”.

We were so tired and just wanted to relax on the beach and just relax for as much as we could.

But as it often happens, plans change.

We were sitting on the beach on Friday thinking where we will spend the afternoon, the last beach we will see in Lefkada and a question popped in my mind.

How about we drive for 4-5 hours and we’ll get to see Meteora on this trip also?

So, we smiled, opened and booked a room then went to the accommodation in Lefkada and packed our things, ate something on our favorite restaurant in Lefkada(review coming soon) and left for Meteora.

I think that all our accommodation in Greece was great. We stayed in Lefkada, Meteora and Thessaloniki and we loved every one of those places.

the room

However, Meteora had something special.

When I booked the room I wanted something spectacular, something close to the rock formations.

But I didn’t expect this place to be so close.

Enter Petrino Guesthouse. Yes, the big score on, they totally deserve it.

Location: Amazing. 3 parts of the guesthouse is surrounded by those big  rock formations Meteora is famous for.

night view from the porch

So close that you think that if you’d throw a rock you could hit them. I still think that but then again I have some decent strength.

But all kidding aside I didn’t expect it to be so close to us.

It is something special, the view, and it is worth every euro spent.

You will have to pay attention to the small, winding roads of Meteora until you get there and if your car is bigger you could hold your breath until you pass certain parts of the roads but this adds more to the beauty of this place.

I was extra lucky here. You see, the guesthouse has one building with a few rooms and one solitary small house/room with a small patio/garden.

Guess what I got?

Yes, the sole small house with the garden.

our small house for the night

So we were able to sit outside in the evening and enjoy the shapes of Meteora as night fell upon us.

The room that I got was big, had all necessary amenities(mini fridge, TV, WI FI) just like all my accommodation in Greece did.

The bathroom was small but super clean.


In fact the whole place was spotless.

The staff is great. Very welcoming and eager to help, pointing us to a place to eat(unfortunately we forgot where that place was and had to manage on our own).

Small bonuses.
1. Breakfast was included) we didn’t eat but it was included in the price)
2. Parking space in front of the guesthouse
3. The views. Yes. That counts as a bonus.
4. Proximity to Meteora area

I highly recommend this place. Meteora is an amazing place and if you could spare an evening and catch a beautiful sunset over the monasteries then you’ll have memories for a lifetime.

PS: Just a week ago I returned from my 2nd trip to Rome and it was a blast. So stay tuned for updates to old articles, new restaurants and accommodation reviews as well as more articles from Greece and Spain (still working on a monster article for Andalucia).

See you soon!