Guillemis – Decent restaurant in Ibiza’s harbor

Guillemis – Decent restaurant in Ibiza’s harbor

Ibiza. What a beautiful dream.

After listening to tens of thousands of hours of house music and dancing in different venues from Barcelona to Bucharest or from Amsterdam to London my 17 year old dream came to life.

I finally booked a trip to Ibiza to feel this island and dance along other thousands of house music lovers like myself.

Right from the start I have a confession to make. If I spent hours checking the clubs, looking for information about the beaches, means of transportation or even looking at topics like “ how to dress in Ibiza clubs” I must confess I only checked one restaurant to see if it’s any good.

My thinking was simple if not correct for many readers. I have always dreamt of reaching Ibiza, ever since I was 18 and I’m almost 36 now so I could have eaten pizza or McDonalds and still be happy with it.

But sometimes even if you’re not prepared luck shines and I was able to eat in five different restaurants (4 in Ibiza and one in Formentera).

I will review them chronologically starting with my first day in Ibiza when I ate at Guillemis, a restaurant on a small street near the harbor, a street filled with other restaurants, most eating places being concentrated in this part of Ibiza Town.

Now I can say that this place is situated on Carer Enmig at number 15 but frankly that would not mean a lot since that whole part of the town is a maze of little streets so it is very likely you could get lost and end up in a different place.

If you ask me today how my friend and I ended up at this place I must confess that we chose the place because near the two person table where we sat was a water sprinkler and it was such a pleasant thing on that sunny, hot day.

As I said before this was the first restaurant I visited during the trip and bellow you can find the things I notice/look for when grading a restaurant:

  • Location. As stated above near the harbor or Ibiza Port as you’ll likely find it on many maps.
    staff: very, very friendly. The staff deserves a big plus since we really felt welcomed here.


  • Food. As stated in some of my articles already I will use for this place a simple phrase” Good food, nothing memorable”. As a matter of fact, unlike my favorite restaurant in Ibiza which I will review later, here I had to check the pictures to see what I ordered and remember the taste.

Neither my friend nor I chose something specific and just wanted to go with a simple dish since on that night was the first show we planned to see in Amnesia and having something disturb our stomachs was the last thing on our lists.

So we chose a small appetizer and a main dish each and washed it all with 2 liters of sangria cava.

Now many people love the red sangria but I personally enjoy the cava more even though it is difficult to find a good one as experience has shown me over the years.

I chose a simple chicken and rice dish which was ok. Nothing spectacular but it filled me nicely so I was let’s say satisfied with my order.

  • Prices: it depends on what you choose. My chicken was 12 euros I think but a good steak (as the staff said) was close to 30 euros so depending on your budget you can spend more or less.

I didn’t plan to bankrupt myself during this trip (since it was already my 7th during this year) and I was there especially for the clubs so I always chose the cheaper options when eating on this trip.

As a bonus I will give you a piece of advice: don’t drink the cava. While not bad I felt no resemblance between this drink and what I tasted once in a restaurant in Barcelona.

It is clearly not the joke I got when eating at Happy Grill in Barcelona but it is not something good either.

Yes it had fruits in it and the color was ok but something was missing. It felt more like a juice than of wine and that is not how sangria cava should taste.

All in all this place is ok. It will fill you up nicely and if you skip the cava then the bill will be ok (cava was about 20 euro/liter).

For me it was a simple meal, my first meal in Ibiza and that’s it. Nothing from what I ordered or tasted from my friend stuck to my mind.