Driving with Hertz. 1st day. Getting to St Ives.

Driving with Hertz. 1st day. Getting to St Ives.

So this day was in a way the hardest.

I only slept  for 5 hours after 22 hours on my feet, 2 hour flight delay, 3 and a half hour flight then getting accustomed to the UK traffic at night(because I arrived after 00:00 at my friend’s house).

So in a way I was tired and in a way I was eager to hit the road and see as much as I could on that day also.

After a long 390 km drive I stopped in Mawgan Porth to stretch my legs. But in the end I did more than that. I took off my shoes and enjoyed the sand and sea water while I was taking photographs of the beautiful beach there.

A silly idea crossed my mind and because I was tired after the driving I decided to walk on the path to Bedruthan instead of driving there.

So I took the SW Coastal Path for a few kilometers(5 to 6 I think) instead of the car and while it is an easy walk I would really reccommend you to get back to your car, drive those few miles, park in the parking lot at Bedruthan and walk for a few hundred meters until you reach this beautiful place.

Now, I am all for walking as much as I can but getting back to the car and knowing I had to drive again was the hardest part so if you’re coming from a long distance better to keep walking to a minimum on that first day you get there because the road and getting used with driving on the other side of the road will tire you enough.

As for Bedruthan I must be honest and tell you that it is really a sight and it would be a shame to visit this part of the country without at least watching it from above.

There is a small, narrow ladder that goes down to the beach, a ladder that can get slippery and sometimes crowded but it really is worth it if you’re fit to walk on the beach and marvel on those rocks formations from a closer distance.

I visited both Mawgan Porth and Bedruthan Steps on the 28th of September and to my surprise I did see a lot of surfers in the water. As I was going to see on the next few days in Cornwall the beaches were populated with surfers and I can only imagine how these places look like in the summer.

To be honest, I never knew that surfing was so popular on these parts but I quickly found that out seeing many people in the water or watching the numerous shops geared towards buying, rental of equipment or teaching schools for the people who wanted to learn how to surf.

I won’t get into many details here out of a simple reason. While I can spend pages describing the rocks, their shapes, their colors I think a simple picture will suffice.

I am no famous writer and I’d hate to bore you with countless details, details you will probably skip or forget soon after reading this post.

I think that Bedruthan Steps is the perfect first stop for Cornwall. Huge beach sands, strange rock formations, amazing water colors, high cliffs with incredible views, this all adds up to a magnificent place that represents Cornwall so well.

The last 60 kilometers to St Ives have probably been the hardest and I couldn’t wait to take a shower, eat something(since I hven’t eaten for more than 20 hours) and believe it or not go out and explore St Ives even after a long, tiresome day.

My accommodation in St Ives will be covered in my next post and soon after that I will start writing about the second day in Cornwall, a day in which I started to explore this beautiful part of England.

What I can tell you for now is that I did reach my accommodation, I took that shower, went for a bite to eat then went out for a small photo shoot, a shoot in which I captured one of my favorite pictures from this amazing trip.

Even though I’m far from a professional photographer, I do take joy into taking pictures, watching how I evolve, how my pictures keep getting better and how I miss less opportunities.

I am completely aware of the fact that a professional photographer could find dozens of things to critique in my photos but then again I have plenty of time to improve and practice so I am not worried I won’t be getting to create stunning pictures one day, pictures that will depict better the beautiful things I see before my eyes right before setting my camera.

At the end of this post I want to thank you for taking the time to read it and announce you that I am currently working on redesigning the blog, looking for a new theme, setting it up, building galleries from the places I been to and making it an easier, more pleasant experience for the people who take the time to browse this site’s articles and pictures.

Until next time, take care!