Seycheles restaurant – Exotic restaurant name in Athens

Seycheles restaurant – Exotic restaurant name in Athens

Before starting each review I like to close my eyes and think back to the place I will write about.

I like to think about how I discovered it, how I ended up there, what did I eat or if it is a hotel how did I feel during my stay, how good was the food or how good were the services.

Today’s review is about a little place name Seychelles. OK, OK maybe not that little but intimate. Yes, this would be a better word.

Reading all my reviews from Athens you might think that I’m crazy but there was not one place I tried that let me down.

I spent a good deal of time in advance reading about places to eat, I asked a few friends from Athens for reccomandations and from all the places I ate in during my stay there only one did I just stepped in and ordered so ething to eat.

All the others were pointed out by TripAdvisor, friend who visited Athens or even locals.

Seychelles restaurant is situated on street Keramikou 49 in Athens, in a quiet place about 900 metres from Omonia Square or about 1 km from Monastiraki.

The place has some tables outside also and from the moment I got in I was greeted by a young greek waiter who asked me if I plan to stay very late(all the tables were reserved after 21:00 hours) and also led me to a table.

The menu is simple(not written on 100 pages), there are a limited number of dishes but I always enjoyed this approach.

I chose to eat some ox tongue and a beetroot salad accompanied by a draft beer.

As you can see from the photo the portions are decent to large and I can assure you that the food is delicious.

The mezes, the main dish, the salad, they were all extremely good and I took my time enjoying them.

I felt very bad that I couldn’t handle a portion of desert because something from the menu had caught my eye and I was quite curious about it.(maybe next time in Athens I will return here once more).

I can honestly say that this restaurant has great food and I would reccomend it with an open heart to anybody visiting Athens.

The staff is great, there is music always in the speakers, the food tastes delicious so this place deserves a visit.

Saving the best for last I must say that even though the food is great prices are very affordable so…what are you waiting for? ????