Good food at the Koutouki

Good food at the Koutouki

What is the first thing you do after 13 hours of driving?

You take a shower then go out, looking for a place to eat.

Now, I have asked the guys from my accommodation about a nice place to eat a meal and they pointed me towards Koutouki so this was my first place where I ate in Lefkada.

Not far from my accommodation, about 600-700 meters I think,  The Koutouki is a traditional Greek restaurant with many options from where to choose.

Small note:during the stay in Lefkada we have tried so many courses ranging from fish to souvlaki, tzatziki to gyros, traditional pies to sweets and I think this is what you should be doing also.

Sample the Greek kitchen. It is delicious.

Koutouki is a pretty large restaurant that gets filled in easily in the evening, when people retire feom the beach and are looking for a good meal to finish the day.

Location: main street, you can’t miss it. Close to Lefkada Town, close to Nikiana it can be a good option for those around the area.

Staff: staff is great, really great. Even though there are many of them we enjoyed the same attention from all and they really made us feel welcome.

Food: food is very good and it comes in large portions. So large that for example I couldn’t finish my musaka in the first day. Just too big.
I really think that a couple could go well on 1-3 starters and sharing a main dish.

Prices are cheap. If you eat regular food you’ll have to really try and stuff yourself before hitting a 30 eur check(2 persons).

If you go for fresh fish and wine things get a bit more expensive but rest assured it is far from ‘really expensive’. Really far.

The whole place is clean, clean tables, changing the paper towels after each client, etc and after eating for 3-4 times here I can happily report that we encountered no problems whatsoever.

Small bonus tips:
1. Drink the ouzo. While I am not a fan of ouzo and I did try it on several occasions without really liking it here things changed.

I had a small glass while waiting for a take away order one evening and it was ‘wow’.

Really wish I returned one more time for another shot, that’s how good it was.

  1. Small spinach pies. DE LI CIOUS. Loved them.
  2. Small rice thingies in leaves. I have a memory lapse now, we call them ‘sarmalute’ in Romanian and they are delicious. Absolutely delicious.

Good food, great staff, very good prices add up and I think this place deserves more than one shot if you are in the look for a good meal in Lefkada.