The Malt House – Good Pies in Birmingham

The Malt House – Good Pies in Birmingham

When I first arrived in Birmingham my friend took me to grab a beer at the Malt House. It was on his way to his apartment and the upper terrace had a nice view of the canals so I said yes and stopped for a Guiness.

As we sat there for an hour or so we got our feet up and emptied our pints we admired the canals and the Arena while laughing at tales from when we were kids.

Evening came and we decided to go to his home, walking down the stairs, the pub now filled with people.

During my 7 day trip to Birmingham I had the chance to drink and eat quite a few times at this place.
Even though it is big, really big in the evenings you can have some problems finding a free spot to eat because the inside, the upper terrace and even the tables outside, at the entrance are often full with people chatting over a beer or enjoying some food.

But this is the charm, in my opinion, for such places: old and young, men and women, girls laughing out loud and boys joking as beer flows and food is brought to the tables.

What I really enjoy in England is this exact feeling. The feeling you get when you are in a pub.

Laughter, joy, sports on tv, people standing out and smoking, the locals knowing eachother and if you really lucky sometimes a good old pie.

From what I remember I tried all the three pies from the menu (lamb, steak and chicken) and found them all very good. Without disrespect to the chicken pie who was very good I must say I sure miss a lamb or steak and ale pie more.

I’m a big fan of Guiness so I drank quite a few beers while visiting this location but other ales are available and they are just as good.

I have found the staff very pleasant, laughed, even told some jokes or had a small conversation while filling the glasses.

The prices are UK prices but sometimes, after a good laugh, a great pie and Guiness price doesnt matter that much anymore.

I cannot comment about other things from the menu since I haven’t tried them but if you’re ever in the area you can surely stop for a lamb pie and serve it on the upper terrace while relaxing and watching the canals.

For me, this has been a lovely experience and since i plan to visit my friend again i will sure get me a steak and ale pie the next time i’m there.