Great accommodation in St Ives!

Great accommodation in St Ives!

My accommodation in the UK was simple. 4 stays in 4 different places, two places that got cancelled, a few nights at my friend’s house and then back to London in the same hotel that I used last year.

I will make a small update for that place also but today is all about St Ives and the great accommodation I got there.

I spent three nights at Atlantic Heights Guesthouse and i can honestly say that it was well worth the money.

Before deciding on this place I was studying another place, a few kilometers away from the center of the town.

The main thing that kept me away from that place and pushed me towards Atlantic Heights was the proximity to places.

You see, after driving for many kilometers each day I did not feel like getting into my car again, drive to the center of the town just to grab something to eat or grab a beer.

I wanted a place that was close to the beach, close to the harbor, close to the city center.

Luckily for me Atlantic Heights delivered all of these things.

My first impression of the place was lime “I’m staying here?” because from the outside it looks like any other house in St Ives. Nothing special on the outside, a small parking place outside and that’s it.

But inside, that is where you will be happy for choosing this place.

My room was big. Not huge but big, really big. The bed was amazingly comfortable and after walking for more than 20 kilometers each day carrying a photo backpack and a tripod on my back I felt blessed when I laid and stretched on the comfortable bed.

The room was spotless clean so that was another point for them.

The temperature inside was great and I must confess that during this trip I slept with the windows open/cracked a bit on most occasions.

The bathroom was small but just as clean.

Fresh towels provided every day along with toiletries made for another round of extra points for this place.

The staff was… Well the staff is really the owners of the house and they are great.

Always smiling, polite, helpful, it was really a pleasure to meet them every day.

Breakfast. This is an extra point for this place. Each evening until 19:00-19:300 hours you could check a paper and chose from a few types of breakfast and the hours you will come down the next day.

I chose the English breakfast on both days and really it is one of the best breakfasts I ate in my entire trip. And trust me I ate in some special places which I will review later on my articles.

Breakfast is paid separately and you can choose it or skip it but from my experience do yourself a favor and choose it. At least on one day.

Having a limited amount of parking space you are required to leave the car keys in your room while walking in St Ives. That way if anybody needs their car, the owners can move your car and free space.

And trust me when you do visit St Ives you will not be needing a car. Just walk it and enjoy it.

All in all this place was great and I am more than happy I stayed here and I really recommend this place to anyone wanting to explore St Ives and Cornwall.


  • Great hosts
  • Beautiful, big room
  • Clean
  • Fresh toiletries/towels
  • Parking available
  • Close to St Ives center, beach, harbor
  • Excellent breakfast


  • None in my experience
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