Restaurant Pecorino – Happy New Year and a review from Pisa

Restaurant Pecorino – Happy New Year and a review from Pisa

First things first, Happy New Year 2020!

This is my first article in 2020 and I would like to take the opportunity to Thank You all for reading the blog, for liking my Instagram pictures and to wish you an amazing year, filled with laughter and travels. Lots of travels.

2020 is the first year that starts without me having any kind of plans for what I will visit this year. I have no idea yet and frankly I don’t think I will be doing many visits until May to be honest.

However I will update the blog with many posts from my previous travels, pictures and articles on photography!

Until my next trip, let us start the year with a short review from Pisa!

If you are a fan of Italian cheeses and dairy, Pecorino should sound familiar to you.

Made from sheep’s milk it is an Italian cheese that is delicious, granted you enjoy cheese or sheep.

a glass of wine is always welcome

My first real meal in Pisa was taken at a small, quiet restaurant near Piaza dei Miracoli and bellow are my thoughts on my experience here.

We will start with what we ordered and then I will tell you a bit about the location, prices, staff, etc.

So for our meal at Pecorino we had:
Paste cinghiale
Big bottle of water
Half a liter red wine(house wine)

All these for 39.50 Eur.

Before we get into details let me tell you one thing.

always a sucker for this

The portions are small so you might think 39 is OK but the dishes here are smaller than those in Rome for example.

I’m not even bringing Puglia restaurants into the discussion because those sizes would put to shame restaurants like Pecorino.

While my size is not relevant because I can really eat a lot, I have visited this place with my girlfriend, who is half my weight and she still found the portions to be small.

There are not many things to tell about the taste also.

While highly rated on Trip Advisor I found the food just OK.

In no case can I compare this place with restaurants I enjoyed in Rome, Athens, Piraeus, Bari or even Lefkada.

It is a decent meal and that’s about it.

The staff is OK.  The interaction was decent and I don’t have anything to complain about.

It is neither a plus nor a minus for this restaurant unlike places like Cantina e Cucina where the staff there really is impressive.

pasta at Pecorino

There is one main advantage to this place and this is the location.

While most good/decent restaurants in Pisa according to Trip Advisor are close to the center I think this one is actually the closest to the Piaza dei Miracoli and the Leaning Tower.

I think the distance is under 100 meters. And that is actually good if you are visiting Pisa for a few hours or just don’t care to much about finding the best restaurants.

the so and so soup

All in all, in my opinion, this is a decent restaurant, where you could stop for a bite to eat but don’t have exceptional expectations.

Coming soon a new article about Rome and not far away a really big article on Andalusia.

Until then,
Take care!