Polpeor Cafe – How was food at Britain’s most southerly Cafe?

Polpeor Cafe – How was food at Britain’s most southerly Cafe?

Before starting a new post I always spend some time looking at the pictures that I will use for it.

I always chose some pictures first then build my memories or my descriptions on them.

So when I started thinking about a place where I ate in Cornwall I looked not only at the food pictures I took but also on some pictures I took near that location.

And that helped me remember more things.

It helped me remember it was a sunny day. Not only sunny but hot.

I remember sitting on the terrace in my t shirt, resting after my visit at Kynance Cove and after just a few minutes ago I admired Lizard Point.

Because here it lies the little place I will talk to you about on this post.

Polpeor Cafe or as it clearly states on the wall of the cafe, “Britain’s most southerly cafe”.

Truth be told I did not have high expectations from this place.

After leaving my car in the parking at Lizard point I started walking towards the water, enjoying the views.

After spending some time relaxing, taking pictures and just looking at the water(because it calms me) I realized that it was well past noon and I didn’t eat anything from breakfast.

I might have said this before but usually I don’t eat breakfast at home. While on holidays though I do eat it because frankly I do not know how much I will wander, where will I get and sometimes searching for a place to eat seems like a chore.


What I learned from my many trips is the fact that while you do need to do your research before visiting big cities when visiting small little villages in Italy, Spain or even England there’s less chance that the food would be horrible.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I still avoid most touristy spots if possible and reaching this cafe I had no high expectations since it was the only one in the area so automatically it was touristy but hunger beat me and i sat at an outside table enjoying the hot sun.

The terrace is great and everybody wants a seat near the edge because you will see the water reaching back as long as you look.

Even though the terrace was filled with people I found the staff always smiling, moving fast between the tables, being polite and helpful with my choices or even when suggesting things that I should try.

So clearly I have no complaints here and actually found this place to have a great staff.

As I told you on my St Ives food post I wanted to try as many local produces as I could so here I opted for the crab cakes and the crab and shrimp pie. Those and a bottle of water put me back 20 pounds and I do think it was a great price.

Truth be told I never in my life ate crab pie before. But as you know from my trips in New York, Thailand or even Spain, I do love to eat locally and try new things.

And if you do enjoy crab, mackerel, shrimps or other seafood and fish, England is a top destination for that.

Back to Polpeor Cafe and what I can tell you that the food is great.

It all tasted so good and my only regret was that I wasn’t able to drink a beer because I was driving and I never do that. Even with a glass of alcohol, the driving ends for me.

Another plus for the Polpeor Cafe is the size of the dishes and I can honestly tell you that I felt stuffed when I i got up from the table. Now, I usually never do that but from time to time I just go ahead and eat what I like, in what quantities I like and just hope that everything will be OK. I know that’s not a good advice to follow and I do try to keep things like e that at a minimum but there are times when I just stop thinking on what will happen after and enjoy the moment.

As i said before good food and big portions totally justify the price. Add in the great view from the terrace and you clearly have a winner when visiting this area.

This was a great stop for me on my days in Cornwall and I can recommend this place to anyone who wants a simple, good meal using local produces, fresh caught fish.

Great staff and a wonderful view.

See you soon with a detailed article for my first 2019 trip!

Take care,