Unfortunate Experience at Europe Hotel & Casino, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Unfortunate Experience at Europe Hotel & Casino, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Embarking on our first holiday since September 2020, our excitement was palpable. However, despite careful planning, our stay at Europe Hotel & Casino in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, did not meet our expectations.

Considering the uncertainties surrounding Covid and the red-listing of Spain and Portugal, we opted for a closer destination, Bulgaria. Despite having visited various Bulgarian locations in the past, our experience at Sunny Beach raised concerns.

Booking Experience:
After thorough online research, we settled on Europe Hotel & Casino, reserving a room with a sea view for 8 nights. Unfortunately, upon arrival, the room did not match the description. Despite requesting a change, we were told the hotel was fully booked, which proved false upon checking other booking platforms.

Management Communication:
Attempts to speak with the manager were thwarted, with conflicting information about their availability. Messages left on the booking app went unanswered until Wednesday evening, when the hotel admitted the view discrepancy but offered no solutions.

Accommodation Issues:
Apart from the view, our room presented challenges, including an uncomfortable bed situation and minor maintenance issues. While the hotel attempted to rectify some problems, the overall experience was disappointing.

Gestures and Acknowledgment:
In an attempt to appease us, the hotel offered a bottle of champagne, glasses, and fruits, but the delayed response diminished the impact. Despite appreciating the gesture, earlier communication would have been more satisfactory.

Restaurant Experience:
The redeeming factor of our stay was the hotel’s restaurant. The staff exhibited exceptional friendliness, and the buffet, priced reasonably at 16 leva/person, provided enjoyable meals.

Minor Issues:
In addition to major concerns, we observed minor inconveniences, such as the lack of a coffee maker in the room, absence of beach hangers, and small leaks in the toilet and shower.

Regrettably, our first holiday of the year, and possibly the last due to rising Covid cases, ended on a sour note at Europe Hotel & Casino in Sunny Beach. Despite occasional hiccups in extensive travels, this experience was particularly disheartening.

Considering the overall experience, the hotel receives a two-star rating, primarily attributed to the positive aspects of the restaurant.

Closing Thoughts:
For those considering Europe Hotel & Casino in Sunny Beach, thorough research and clear communication with the hotel are advisable. Travel experiences can vary, and this review aims to provide an honest account of our stay.

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