Lesson 1: what kind of photographer are you?

Lesson 1: what kind of photographer are you?

A few days ago I have asked on my Instagram account if people would be interested in photography tips & tricks, lessons or even a photo course.

I usually get about 200 interactions with each story and 20-30 responses to my questions.

This time I got double, including ‘yes’ from people who already make great photos.

And in a way this is the first lesson.

If you really love something, you never stop learning, never stop practicing, watching clips or tutorials and always look for improvement.

This post and the ones following are not geared towards professionals but rather to normal people who are already invested in photography or people just starting out in this beautiful adventure.

One of the reasons I love photography so much is that it allows me to express my views.

I am working in an environment that requires excel, PowerPoint, long meetings, etc.

There is little room left for creativity or innovation.

So through photography I express or I try to express my views, my take on the world, etc.

Now, before anything else we should start with one simple question.

Why are you photographing things?

Answer yourself that and then think of the next question.

What do you enjoy photographing?

You see, almost all people love documenting their travels. Taking pictures while on holidays is absolutely normal but what else drives you?

Is there anything in this world you would consider doing the effort of waking up early, going out or late at night and take pictures of?

Do you enjoy macro, bird photography, silhouettes and shadows?

How do you express your art?

I for example love to photograph reflections, silhouettes, shapes.

I don’t consider my work to be top yet and my account is just for travelling but be sure when I will feel confident I will upload my galleries on my website.

So ask yourself that question. What do you enjoy taking photos of?

Then comes another question. Where will you see your pics? Who will see them? Are you printing, watching them on your phone, tablet? Who else will see them?

And that is important because depending on this you will decide if you need a camera or your phone will suffice.

Before going further please keep in mind that a pro with a phone will take amazing pictures anytime, pics that will leave you way behind. But the thing is… You are not a pro. So do you need a camera? Will cover all in these series of articles.

All this could seem futile but I assure you it is so worth it.

In these series I will talk about nature photography, cities, day pictures and night pictures, reflections, photographing people and more.

Basically I will give you my ideas on how i prepare a trip and this could prove useful to you.

Also I will address certain topics like composition, rule of thirds, leasing lines and other things, things that will help you take your photography further and who knows, help you improve.

I am sure that I could have written a few more pages but I will try to keep things as short as I can so I hope you enjoyed this article and see you next time with a camera vs phone article.