Anatolia Hotel – Loved my stay here in Thessaloniki

Anatolia Hotel – Loved my stay here in Thessaloniki

It was summer and I was visiting Thessaloniki for the first time alongside my brother and a very good friend.

As we were searching for a good accommodation our friend managed to find one hotel in Thessaloniki that seemed good and the price for three nights was great.

So after a 7-8 hour road (we drove there instead of flying) we pulled the bags out from the car and checked in Anatolia Hotel.

Now, if you drive by car you cannot miss this place. As you enter Thessaloniki the road is straight and it leads you towards the hotel so depending on how you drive you’ll arrive sooner or later but one thing sure, you will not miss this place.

Below are the main points I usually grade when visiting a hotel and how this placed fared on all of them:

  • Location. The hotel is situated on Lagkada Street at number 13 so if you drive there you can just pop the address into the gps and you’re all set. Now, the hotel is not centrally located but that doesn’t mean it is far from the places one might want to see in Thessaloniki. Aristotelus Square for example is 1.5 kilometers away while the Roman Forum sits at about the same distance. Near the Roman Forum you can also find Agios Dimitros(the church) so you can check this too on your to see list.
  • Staff. Great, really great. Always smiling, there to help and with an extra bonus from my point of view because one member of the staff recommended one of the best fish restaurants I ever ate in (will review it later) and an excellent place where to eat pork (that coming up also).
  • Room. Excellent. Simply excellent. Big size (three beds), a large bathroom and always clean. I must note that this hotel is one of the cleanest places I ever stepped foot in. TV was also available in the room but frankly I cannot tell you anything about viewing and cable options because in three full days we never touched it.
  • The breakfast. Good breakfast with many options to choose so regardless if you are on a diet or just want to eat some things you will surely find something there for you.

As a bonus I was able to leave my car near the hotel for the whole stay so that counted a lot for me.

All in all I must say I really enjoyed staying in this hotel. It is very clean and you can easily walk towards almost all the major attractions.

The staff is great and you can ask for recommendations where to eat and from my experience I managed to score 2 out of 2 restaurants with great food.

Our room was facing the street and while this might be a problem in many places due to traffic here the windows stopped the noise so we could sleep peacefully.

In my opinion this place is a serious option when visiting Thessaloniki.