Colors Thessaloniki Living – New hotel tested

Colors Thessaloniki Living – New hotel tested

3rd time in Thessaloniki, 3rd accommodation.

First time in 2013, second time in 2016 and now 2019 a new hotel, a new experience.

There are 3 Colors hotels in Thessaloniki and in today’s review I will focus on the one located on Valaritou 21, Colors Thessaloniki Living.

After spending the night in Meteora I drove to Thessaloniki and here is an important heads up.

The hotel does not offer parking and if you arrive on a Saturday like I did you will have to be careful and ask on the parking spaces if they are opened on Sunday.

The closest parking place to the hotel told us they will be closed on Sunday so I could have retrieved my car only on Monday, a bad plan since I wanted to leave early for Bucharest.

After securing a parking place near the Astoria Hotel (15 euro/day) I carried the luggage for about 600 meters until the hotel and checked in.


It is central. It is just a stone throw away from the hotel I visited in 2016 and if you read that article, you would know I have mentioned that location is good.

Located only 700 meters from Aristoteles Square and 1.9 kilometers away from the White Tower so you can easily reach everything by foot.


Great staff. Managed to check in earlier, answered our questions, provided us details of how to leave the key at departing since we left before the reception opened, it was ll very good so the staff gets a big plus from me.


big bedroom

We managed to sit in an apartment so you can imagine the size of the rooms.

The beds were great, it was all clean and they had some little presents left on the bed for guests.

The bathroom was smallish but very clean.


The room had also a small balcony to unwind after a hard, long day and indeed, it was hard since at the end of the evening my phone showed me a total of 25 kilometers walked in the city.

From what I remember, breakfast was available at the hotel but I did not eat it since we left a couple of hours before the opening of the reception.

and a balcony

All in all this is a place that I enjoyed a lot, a nice 3 star hotel located close to the center of the town and the main sights of Thessaloniki.

I usually end up articles saying that if I am ever again in Thessaloniki I would stay in this place but after visiting Thessaloniki three times, I think it has lost its charm for me.

While there are cities where I been before a few times like Barcelona and where I would go again anytime, three times is more than enough for me when it comes to Thessaloniki.

Stay tuned for more articles from my Greece trip and from other destinations as well.