Weymouth Beach B&B – Nice stay in Weymouth

Weymouth Beach B&B – Nice stay in Weymouth

It’s been a productive weekend. For writing posts. Since I got a bit sick I thought I’d skip on watching TV series and focus more on my blog.

So many good things or bad things happened, so many new pictures, adventures, great meals, great memories gathered and lately due to work related issues I wasn’t able to do this thing I really enjoy.


You see, I often get asked ‘Oh how many readers you have? How many comment? Don’ t you want more? Why keep writing if you don’t measure how many are reading? ‘.

And the answer is simple. I did not started this blog with the intention of getting hugely popular or never did I dreamed about fame and fortune from it.

Dreaming is nice but it helps being realistic. There are millions of blogs out there focused on travel. Some are good, some are bad, some have good pictures, some have shitty pictures.

And none of that matters for me.

You see, I started this blog for myself. I was going thru a hard time personally, professionally and had plenty of health related problems. I was not able to exercise for more than one year and I was upset and nervous all the time.

So writing helped me. A lot. Because I wasn’t cleared to lift weights again for another year since my blog started, writing became my relaxing time. My personal time with my feelings, my experiences, my dreams, etc.

If you read my articles you’d know that I don’t always write only about travelling but also write about people, happenings and more, things that influence me.

My New York series is the best example for this because apart from the vast quantity of info you can find there there was also a strong personal touch. Maybe more than on my other articles.

So, sitting in bed for three days listening to rain or snow hit the streets I started missing the summer more and more. And while I wrote two posts about Morocco(which will be published soon) one place kept popping in my mind.


Now I know what you are thinking! I must have a high fever for putting England next to summer but hear me out.

Yes I was in England in September and October. But guess what? Plenty of my trip was done dressed only in a simple t-shirt and even got back tanned.

And even though I was on a lot of beaches in Cornwall and Dorset and even if I visited one more beach after this, this place stood in my mind.

I already told you in my Driving to Weymouth article that I found this place,Weymouth, OK but nothing to write home about but today I want to write about something.

And that something is my accomodation at Weymouth Beach B&B. And how it relates to summer.

When booking for my trip in England I had some specific criteria in mind. I wanted guesthouses, beach houses, beach hotels, small castles, etc.

I did not want the usual hotels.

So when booking in Weymouth I had two things in mind: distance to the beach and proximity to the center.

From the start I must confess that there are many, many hotels right near the beach but something drew me to this place and below are my thoughts about it.

Location: 50 meters away from the beach. You just cross the road and you’re there. Superb.

And only about 500 meters away from the center of the town. So that checked both my requirements.

A parking lot is on the street behind the hotel and the staff can help you with paying and information about it better than I can. One thing to remember is the Pay and display thing so remember to put the sticker in your  window. Just a quick note here. I found the booking.com assistant to be of great help in talking with my accommodation hosts throughout my travels. Easy to use and fast in getting back I really recommend you use the chat and contact your hosts with any inquiries you might have.

Staff: staff is great. Smiling, welcoming, providing info about parking, places to go, to eat, breakfast, etc. It has all been a great experience and they really treat their guests good.

Breakfast: breakfast is good, maybe not as much as the one I had in St Ives but it is really OK and it is a perfect way to start the day.


On a side note: you’ll see that throughout my UK trip I ate a lot of English breakfasts and frankly I was surprised by it also. But even if it started as an experiment, to see which places, especially hotels, have the best basic breakfast, I actually started enjoying it.

And no, I’m not crazy. While I wouldn’t eat it here, in Bucharest, each day, I honestly tell you that I would gladly eat this breakfast 2-3 times each month.

The room. The room was small since it was a single bed but clean. I had the bed done the next day and fresh towels were provided. The bathroom was decent in size and clean also.

The room

I think the best thing about the room was that it was facing the beach. Yes, there was a road between us bit the sight of the sea calms me so I really enjoyed the room.

All in all don’t expect a fancy place or something like that. My accommodation in St Ives was fancier but the price was much higher also.


This place is a simple, decent, clean place that serves a good breakfast and therefore has my recommendation if you’re looking for something in the area.

I bet you are wondering why this place made me think of summer no?

Weymouth has little traffic and by 21:00 or 22:00 hours it mostly dies down. So what I did was actually open my window and sleep on both nights with it open.

Sitting in the bed, lights off and just hearing the waves crash onto the beach until I finally fell asleep.

Hearing the sea, smelling the air, falling asleep in a little place in Dorset. That reminded me of summer days.



Written on the 16th of December 2018

Published on the 22nd of December 2018