More than photography


A book that is not your typical photography book.

Page after page filled with rules, examples of shutter speeds, descriptions of lenses but rather a book on creativity, about the struggles we face as photographers, about setbacks and failure.

Yes, you will find a few articles that address the gear part, but I kept them down on purpose.

My purpose for this book is not to copy paste like so many others did before sets of rules that will “get your photography to the next level “but rather to talk you through my thoughts, my experiences and maybe give you a bit of help, a small nudge if you’re stuck in a rut for a while.

Also, in this book, I picked not just my best shots but rather the shots I felt really close to. Shots I will always remember due to the beauty of places, the company I was in, the discovery of new places and so on.

I honestly advise you to skip buying this book if you are interested in the technical part of photography.

But if you enjoy my shots, if you read my articles, if you saw my awards and distinctions and are curious about what goes inside my mind not only when I take pictures but in general, please give this book a try!

PS: Due to the expenses and work put out in order to photograph, edit, arrange this zine, please understand that all buys are considered definitive and I do not offer refunds for my products.