People. Bridges. Masks


The “Bridges. People. Masks” e zine features photographs taken in Venice and Burano during the annual Carnival.

The e zine is comprised of:
-an updated article that I wrote for Fuji X Passion
-an updated article that I wrote for my blog
-some hints and tips regarding Venice
-more than 85 pictures
I have been writing articles online for more than three years(blog and various publications) and this year will bring forward a few zines grouped by location, first of them being set in Venice, Italy.
Warning: this e zine does not contain pictures of the famous landmarks in Venice(those can be easily found online) or advice on how to take amazing photos.
The zine focuses mainly on details, the lives of Venice and Burano inhabitants during the Carnival and the famous colours of Burano houses.
Also the zine contains an article focused on my thoughts(personal and photography related) and my approach for photographing Venice in one on the most agglomerated periods of the year.
If you are looking for additional references about me please check my biography here.
PS: Due to the expenses and work put out in order to photograph, edit, arrange this zine, please underatand that all buys are considered definitive and I do not offer refunds for my products.


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