Semana Santa in Andalusia


Just like the Venice zine, this zine is comprised of a intro, some key points to take away from my experience there, an article I wrote for a photography magazine, an article I wrote for my blog and many, many pictures.

The article I wrote for the magazine was originally titled “Sigma 18-50 and Semana Santa” and contained about 20 pictures but in this zine you will see that I added far more pictures( 59 to be exact), added some extra info and removed parts of the original article. I did this because the original article was both an homage to Semana Santa but also a way for me to write my opinions about a new lens I bought for the Fuji system I use on my trips, a lens I used to take all the pictures in this zine.

What I tried to do in this zine is to showcase the beauty and the details of the Semana Santa processions in the four cities I visited in April 2023.

PS: Due to the expenses and work put out in order to photograph, edit, arrange this zine, please understand that all buys are considered definitive and I do not offer refunds for my products.


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