Random tips for a great experience in Valencia

Random tips for a great experience in Valencia

Bellow you will find a small list of tips that will help you on your trip to Valencia.

Unfortunately, when searching for pictures or places to visit in Valencia, I found out that everybody gives the same details about the same 6/7 places while leaving out some really nice places.

That’s why I truly think that my original Valencia article is very extensive and it covers more than you’ll find on many places on the internet.

Read the following tips and enjoy your trip to Valencia!

  • Metro card is rechargeable. Keep it and recharge it as you need it.
  • Check online the schedule for the places you want to visit. Most sights open after 10:00 AM.
  • Visit Plaza del Virgen at night/in the evening. Way better than during the day.
  • Book your hotel near Xativa metro station. Easy to reach everything from there.
  • Drink horchata. Lots of it.
  • Eat fatrons with your horchata.
  • See the colored fountain at night in Plaza del Ayuntamiento.
  • When travelling in Valencia zone A in the metro covers the beach and the city of sciences.
  • Sometimes the metro is discontinued and you’ll switch to tram from that point. When reaching Malva Rossa from Xativa you can take metro 3 and 9 to Benimaclet then go up and take the 4 or 6 tram to the beach.
  • Drink Agua de Valencia.
  • Take your girlfriend’s picture in the windows at Lloja del Seda. If this is a guys only trip or you are travelling solo still snap some pictures there.
  • Same thing goes for arab baths entrance.
  • Go to Ateneo viewpoint in plaza del ayuntamiento at night. Last elevator up is at 21:00 but double check.
  • If you can, catch the water court on Thursdays near the cathedral.
  • See a small piece of history at the arch that separated muslims and christians.
  • Climb Santa Catalina and the Cathedral’s towers.
  • Take a small detour for the house of cats.
  • For Malva Rossa beach get off the tram at Virginia E station and walk for 150 meters.

Now, this is not an exhaustive list. I plan to keep this article open and add to it as I remember more things that can help you with your trip in Valencia.

I truly think that Valencia is one of those cities that is not served best by the internet.

The information about great places to see is pretty scarce and most bloggers tend to repeat the same few spots over and over.

Also, upon looking for #valencia on Instagram you will find yourself flooded with pictures of asses, tits or asses and tits.

I suggest you follow this two accounts(link 1, link 2) for pictures from Valencia because you will have the opportunity to see real pictures from the city.

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