Rome’s biggest attraction? The Colosseum?

Rome’s biggest attraction? The Colosseum?

To say Rome has many sights and attractions is an understatement. Italy’s capital boasts with amazing places to see, history, beautiful buildings, amazing structures, narrow streets full of life, delicious restaurants and so much more.

There are indeed a few attractions that stand out from the bunch, and The Colosseum is the most visited.

Not only because of its history or its size, but because of the feeling that one gets when inside this magnificent place.

Now, from my point of view two visits are necessary for the Colosseo:

  • A DAY visit

Yes, it will be full, people will swarm the place, you will wait in line to enter but it will be worth it. Seeing the arena, seeing the magnificent building from the inside, the maze under the arena and hearing the voices of the hundreds, thousands of people visiting will make you feel just a little bit how the ancient Romans felt during an event, thousands of years ago. Much can be said about the size of the Colosseum but until you get closer, until you stand there, on its steps you don’t really realize how small a human being is and how small you feel compared to the years of history this building holds between it’s walls. Take your time, climb the stairs, walk slowly and see it from every angle. You will always discover something you didn’t see before and it will always impress you.


  • A NIGHT visit

Now, many people skip this and it’s a shame. During the quiet of the night, the Colosseum sits there silently. All the noise is gone. The building has a special illumination system that brings all its best features to live. Most of the times the pictures you will take during the night will be far more impressive than those taken during day light. If you have the time, go take that night walk around this beautiful ancient building and you won’t regret it even one bit.

Is this amazing place Rome’s biggest attraction?