Street food in Pisa

Street food in Pisa

I initially wanted to write separate posts for the two places where I ate in Pisa but decided against it when I considered how little there is actually to tell about them.

We are not talking about restaurants, staff, locations, etc so a brief guide will suffice when it comes to this kind of things.

While on Pisa I wanted to try some traditional panini’s, sandwiches, etc and after consulting with the internet I chose two places:
– Ostellino
– Porci Comodi

To make things easier I ordered a panini in each location and when trying things at Porci Comodi I added something else, something I will tell you a bit later about.

Both locations are central, just like every other place I tried in Pisa.

I am sure that there are many OK restaurants over the other side of the Arno river or in other places but this time I wanted to be the typical tourist.

Eat as close to my hotel as I could, close the center or major sights, etc.

So we will start first with Ostellino.

I chose a panini number 5, one Cola and one bottle of water.

I couldn’t describe perfectly the taste because something bothered me.

While I’m not a big fan of so much bread in paninis or in other kinds of dishes I think that this was just one small thing here compared to…

What bothered me was one ingredient, and I am mad for not recognizing it, who just seemed too strong in the sandwich.

It overshadowed the panini’s taste and that is a pity because clearly the thing had quality products in it.

However, due to this ingredient, I found the whole panini not to my taste.

One thing I can certainly say about the panini’s here is that they are really big. So big that even a 112 kg guy like me felt stuffed after finishing it.

The place, as expected, is small but there are a few benches a few meters away so that solves the seating problem.

So, due to the fact that it is really close to the Piazza dei Miracoli and it is a cheap meal and there are many paninis from where you can choose, this place is worth a try if in Pisa and looking for a cheap, fast meal.

I Porci Comodi is the second place I tried during my holiday in Pisa.

Situated about 400 meters away from L’Ostellino it is an even smaller place than the first place and you could miss it easily since it is in a row of stores.

However, you should not miss it since here I tasted a great Lampredotto, a staple sandwich from Tuscany.

One lampredotto, one panini con porcheta, one water and one cola costed me 14 euro.

I liked the panini(took 2/3 bites from it) but really enjoyed the lampredotto and I really understood why this is such a popular product in Tuscany.

Lampredotto is made with meat¬† from the cow’s stomach but trust me you will never guess it is that unless someone tells you.

It is a delicious sandwich, one that I look forward to eating again on my next trip(s) to Tuscany.

If I were to chose a place between the two, I would definitely go for I Porci Comodi because they have Lampredotto and other more interesting things on the menu.

I think that there are certain signature street foods like arancini, like banh mi, like the lampredotto, etc that must be tried when you have the occasion.

Especially if you are visiting the places from where these foods originated.

In the end, if you have the chance, or spend more than one day in Pisa, you could try both locations.

However, if you only get one chance go for I Porci Comodi.

That lampredotto is so good…

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