Tuesdays in New York

Tuesdays in New York

How can you start a perfect day in New York?

See Central Park first. And this is exactly what I did.

This time higher on the map I began with the Sweedish Cottage and the Shakespeare Garden.

Central Park is amazing. Words or even pictures do not do it enough justice. Having such an oasis in the middle of the city, guarded on all sides by mountaisn of steel, glass and concrete is something worth seeing for sure.

Squirrels, birds all add to the beauty of the place, a beauty unspoilt by the large number of tourists or locals that walk or jog on its alleys.

Central Park is quiet. One moment you’re on the street hearing cars and horns and the next minute you are surrounded by trees and water, calm all around you.

I walked a bit, just a little bit and climbed the steps of Belvedere Castle. From up there a small pond could be seen and upon descending I circled the pond, moving all the way across so I can capture the castle from the front.

After walking for some time I got out of the park, passed the Met and continued upstairs heading towards the Guggenheim.

I purchased the tickets online and I had to change them at the entrance because what you get upon buying is just a reservation with which you pick up your tickets at the entrance.

This is the only place I had to check in my bag. It is not the fact that I felt unconfortable leaving it there open(no lock on it) but rather the fact that I don’t remember this being written on my ticket/reservation.

As for the museum what can I say…I am from Romania and I appreciate the works of Constantin Brancusi but even though I managed to see some scultptures or paintings I felt that the museum shape is far more interesting than the works inside.

Now, I know and I understand that this is a private collection and it is normal that the number of works is lower than in other museums but from my point of view(and I’m not a cheap tourist) the fee requested for this place is not justified.

I don’t think you ever saw me write that an attraction is overpriced but this is how I felt about this place.

For me the only places of interest were on the second floor if I remember right with some paintings from the classics leading into the room where Brancusi’s works are exposed.

Next stop on my list was the Empire State Building and I know some of you might hate me for it but I am happy I did not buy a night ticket too when I purchased my entrance online with a month in advance.

Now I know and understand this is an important site and it is normal to be heavily guarded but the small, tight labyrinths, the scanners, tickets, entrances all in dark, closed rooms make you feel claustrophobic.

The view is ok both from the 86th floor and from the 102th.

I did not stop to take pictures at the 80th floor since I already felt crowded and suphocating.

Being higher means windier and the smmount of wind at the 86th floor was impressive.

If it were to reccommend it to someone I would ask first: are you having problems standing in closed spaces? If yes don’t go. It is tight, crowded and not an overall nice experience if you are claustrophobic.

I guess day 4 influenced me because of my two not so pleasant experiences (Guggenheim and the Empire State Building) so I took the decision to cut ropes with the last person I talked to.

Now, as a few days have passed I cannot help feel that I waited too long for this to happen.

New York has been an amazing city to visit, a place in which I tasted many flavours of the world, a place full of firsts for me but it was also a time for reflection.

A time to go back to the old me. The more direct and decisive. The old me who wasn’t afraid of cutting ropes and telling people they are not wanted in my life.

Trying to protect everyone usually leaves you exposed to being hurt and this is not how I was years ago.

My trip was past half its duration and there were some things left to see so my next posts will bring day 5th and 6th.