A cup of coffee at Mozart Caffe

A cup of coffee at Mozart Caffe

Coffee? Who doesn’t love coffee? Everywhere you look on Instagram, on Facebook there are pictures with coffee mugs, coffee drinks, quotes about cofee, etc.

Well, I don’t like coffee. Never did. I think I drank 5 cups tops until I reached 32 years and then I started drinking esspresso with my colleagues from work.

So while I’m not a fan or a connesseur I must admit that I always drink coffee when in Italy.

Most of the times I enjoy an espresso but there are times when I feel adventurous and try a latte, a frappe, etc.

When I visited Bari in May I searched on Google one evening” best coffee in Bari” and the results mixed with my Trip Advisor findings led me to this place the following day.

Mozart Caffe.

From the start I have to say that the place is small and it has only two little tables outside.

But this is only part of its charm.

I don’t know about you but I always enjoyed places in which the locals are present, in which they gather and stand while talking loud enjoying their caffe, places where you can hear the staff greating an old customer by his name, where laughter is always present.

The staff is great, always moving fast and believe me they do need to move fast since there are always customers.

And the coffee? Sticking to my tradition I took an espresso which I savoured on the table outside enjoying the sun. And I was impressed for the first time. It felt so smooth, so good.


delicious espresso at Mozart Caffe in Bari

Not being a coffee drinker certainly does not help when looking for words but I can honestly tell you that this was the best espresso I ever had.

So if you ever are in Bari drop by this place, you will enjoy it.

As s bonus the prices are cheap so you don’t have to pay a fortune for a cup of coffee.