Old Sailor – A great restaurant in Nessebar, Bulgaria

Old Sailor – A great restaurant in Nessebar, Bulgaria

With the pandemic starting in 2021 and still goin pretty strong in 2021, our trips have been somehow limited.

We wanted to explore the Bulgarian seaside because it was so close to us and we never visited it so last year and 2021 brought us a few chances.

We visited the restaurant I will review today three times.

Twice in 2020 when we were accommodated in Nessebar and once this year when we picked Sunny Beach as our destination.

As a side note, just between us, if I were to pick again where to stay I wouldn’t hesitate for a second and pick Nessebar.

It is prettier, more quiet and relaxed, it just feels more like a holiday. At least to us.

So, to make the story short: restaurant Old Sailor.


Old town Nessebar. You cannot drive to the restaurant since driving in Nessebar is not allowed(with a few minor exceptions) but you can leave your car in the parking lot near the Old Town and make your way through the small streets until you reach the restaurant.

The best part of this place and of course other places in Nessebar is that when you’re done eating you can walk just for a few meters and rest on a bench and admire the sea.

Or you can take your shoes off, buy an ice cream and find a place on the beach and just relax.

That’s what we did.


After three visits I must say I really enjoyed the staff here.

Pleasant, helpful, discreet.


Before listing what we had and how much it costed I just want to say that we totally enjoyed the food here.

The portions are big and the food just tastes good so I wouldn’t hesitate of going here again, if in the area.

First meal:

Fish soup *2

Greek Salad

Draft beer *1

Mojito *1

Mussels and French fries

All the above for 68.10 leva which comes to about 37 euro.

Second meal

Cheese with walnuts and honey

Wiener snitzel

French fries with goat cheese

Pork kavarna

Draft beer *1

Aperol *1

All for 56.10 leva which is a bit under 30 euro.

Third meal.

Fish soup *2

Mussels and French fries

Garlic bread

Cola *2

Aperol *2

And the bill was 58.70 leva so again under 30 euro

I said before that the food is great but we also had a few favorites.

First, you have to try the mussels. Yes, mussels are a staple on the Bulgarian seaside but there are places and places.

We really liked them here, each time.

Second, you should try the fish soup. Loved it.

Third, the cheese with walnuts and honey is a thing I enjoyed quite a lot and definitely would have again.

So there you have it.

A great restaurant with big portions and great tasting food for not so much money.

If in the area, try it.


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