A guide to seeing Andalucia. Part 3

A guide to seeing Andalucia. Part 3

After reading my first two articles(here and here), we come to an end of my big Andalucia trip in this final part.

Granada, Nerja, Frigiliana and Malaga are the last four places I have visited in Andalucia and each place has a beauty of its own, a beauty that makes me think about going back there again.

As I write these lines I look back into those 15 days spent in Spain and I think how lucky I was to be able to move so much, to see so many things, to eat amazing tapas, to meet so many pleasant people.

But let’s not keep you waiting and let us start with..


Before starting writing about the places that are must sees in Granada let me begin by telling you that I loved Granada and I think that while you could skip on places like Jerez, Granada is a must.

So let’s get down to business and see what I think it is a must see in this place.

  • Albaicin

I bet you expected another place to be on my list first and even though that is the most important thing in Granada, I definitely recommend visiting Albaicin, the old Arabic quarter of Granada.

It is all white, small,narrow, twisted little alleys on which you will get lost for sure and yes, you should see it.

  • Sacromonte

Gypsy quarter of Granada, filled with dappled caves in which locals live. If you pass through the area at night you will hear music, laughter and joy from far away.

I remember waiting at the Alhambra for the night tour and watching Sacromonte and hearing the shouts, laughter and the music.

  • The Alhambra

An unique place, a special place that needs to be seen by anyone. You can buy your tickets right here and I strongly suggest you study that calendar because here we are talking about timed, fixed entrance. That’s how busy this place is.

However, when you are inside, you will find many places of solitude and you will be able to enjoy the place.

I suggest a day visit and a night visit(like I did). Alhambra is stunning both during the day and amazing during the night.

For all you photo lovers out there please check the entrance rules(i think that no tripods are allowed unlike the Alcazar of Cordoba for example).

I am sure that if you look for Generalife or maybe Court of Lions you will instantly recognize this places as they are worldwide famous and for a good reason.

Initially I wanted to write more here but I think that a few pictures do more justice and if you ever go there you’ll enjoy discovering the beauty of the place on your own.

On the link above you will see the prices and the hours of visit. Get access to both places(yes, different tickets).

Churches in Spain are really something and the Catedral de Granada is no exception from this rule.


If you remember my accommodation article in Granada you will see that the Catedral is central, easy to reach and it is definetely a sight to visit on your trip to Granada

Another monastery? And a 4 euro ticket price also?


I loved it and i really think the interior will let you in awe.

Maybe this place is not as famous as the Alhambra or the Granada Cathedral but believe me, it is totally worth it.

As you may recall from my trips I never visited so many holy places in one trip but I guess Spain is different and Spain during the Holy Week is a sight that really can’t be explained.


Nerja & Frigiliana

Two small places, each one special in its own way.

Nerja has a beach and Balcon de Europa while Frigiliana is pure, white magic.

Frigiliana and Nerja could both be done in a day and if i were to visit this area again this is what I would do.

First, when you visit Frigiliana you have to take into account the fact that this place is split in two parts. The old and the new part.

As you might have guessed the old part is the place to be so early in the morning i would head up there and just wander its small, cobbled ,empty streets.

After 10:00 buses of tourists started coming in so i retreated towards Nerja and I think that this should be done by you also.

You need no more than two hours to admire Frigiliana and being so close to Nerja, it makes for a perfect stop.

One way taxi costed me 20 euros i think and the return bus one or two euros.

I caught an early cab to get there very early and have the streets only to myself.

However, after getting a tan in Nerja and maybe admiring the sunset from Balcon de Europa you have two options.

If you love night photos you could try going back to Frigiliana and see how the white of the buildings is seen during the night or you could stay in Nerja and relax after a long day.

However, both places deserve a visit and you should put them on your map.



There’s a slim chance that you never heard of Malaga before. And if you heard it you probably picture palm trees and beaches and I can’t blame you.

Yes, Malaga has plenty of palm trees and also beaches but the city has so much more to offer.

Even though I would pick Seville any day over Malaga, I had great times here also and this city ended my 15 days journey into Andalucia.

I already posted an article about a place where I ate a few times and i can’t recommend it enough.


It’s that good.

So what did I enjoy visiting in Malaga?

  • First on the list…The Picasso Museum. I don’t know if I ever told you this but I am a huge fan of Picasso and I seen his paintings in Barcelona, Wien, Bucharest and many other cities so it was only natural I would visit the museum in the city he was born in.

You can buy a ticket from here and 9 euros is not a big price when it comes to     Picasso. At least in my opinion it isn’t.

  • Malaga Cathedral. By far one of the most impressive churches i seen on this trip. The ticket is 10 euro and it can be bought online from here. Of course you can find cheaper tickets but this is the one I bought and it includes a visit inside the Cathedral and one on the roof of the Cathedral so my guess is that you will like this one also.

  • Alcazaba de Malaga and Castillo Gibralfaro. Now, you can choose to visit just the Alcazaba for 3.50 euro but why would you do that? For 5.50 euro you get a combined ticket for both these places and it is something really worthwhile when in Malaga. From the top of the Castillo Gibralfaro you can see the bullring, the harbour and a part of the beach and the winding road until you reach the castle offers at least two great pictures for night photos.

There are many other interesting sights in Malaga like the beach, the bullring, the roman theatre or the port of Malaga but I have listed the things that I found to be the most important for me.

I won’t deny I loved spending time at the beach on a hot spring day watching the waves crash and tens of small, green parrots singing all around me but that is another story for a much shorter blog article.

There you have it.

More than 5500 words detailing my impressions from my beautiful trip to Andalucia. I am sure many of you visited this beautiful places, maybe seen even more or enjoyed other things as well and that is perfect.

This is what I loved from this trip and what I will always remember as one of the best trips I ever made in my life.

The beauty of these places, the warmth of the locals, the great food, the beautiful pictures, the Holy Week I saw with my own eyes will forever remain in my mind and heart.

Now that this chapter is over I am more than sure that I will come to this part of Spain again.

I do not know when for sure but I do know that I will come again and try to fit in even more places, places I might have missed on my first trip.

This article is the end of the Andalucia Series and I do hope you enjoyed this series because it was a pleasure for me to remember and write about it.

I have many more plans coming up so stay tuned for more photography articles and more reviews and stories from my travels.

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