A pleasant surprise in Rome

A pleasant surprise in Rome

My second trip in Rome brought me to many of the old places I tried on my first trip but also gave me the chance to experiment with a couple new places like the place I will review on today’s article.

I would be lying if I said I did any preparations or if I read anything about today’s restaurant before visiting.

I could say that eating here was just chance since the lines were too big at Cantina e Cucina and on our way to the hotel we just happened to stop in this place.

While far from my ideas of picking a restaurant, being too close to a major sight and located in a very busy tourist area, it all turned out for the best in the end.

Today’s restaurant is called Hostaria de Pastini and it is juat a short walk away from the Pantheon.

We were a bit lucky since we arrived a bit early and managed to finish eating just about when the restaurant started to fill with customers.

There are plenty of seats both inside and outside but if you ever visited Rome in October you will know that at dinner club a restaurant the size of the Colosseum would not suffice.

Location being covered we can move forward and talk about the staff.

And I have just one word.


Starting with the fact that we were able to order in our native language, the staff was incredibly polite and careful to our needs.

This really was a pleasant surprise for us and it weighted a lot for us.

When it comes to food, things are simple.

The food is good.

It is not the best food you will ever eat in a restaurant but we can honestly say that the food here is very nice.

If we were to grade the food from all our experiences in Rome, then first place would be taken by Cantina e Cucina leaving this place and Sora Lucia battling for the second position.

I can’t decide on a clear winner because we ate totally different things at these two places and there is no way for a direct competition.

The portions are large. Unlike some restaurants we tried in Pisa, here the portions are quite large so we not only have a good quality of food but also a good size for the meal.

When it comes to prices we can tell you that we ate:2 types of bruschettes, olio peperoncino pasta, Cacio e pepe pasta, One plate of aperitifi, 2 aperol, One big natural water.

All this for 62.50 Eur.

And yes, this is a large sum but if you subtract 20 Eur for the 2 aperols and replace it with some wine of the house you will get a huge, good meal for under 50 Eur.

Practically, there are not many things we could fault this place.

Except for the price that could seem big we really think that by taking into consideration the location, the dishes size and the quality of the food, the price is justified.

If you read my articles you will see that this time I experimented with one dish and the other was always fixed. That way I was able to sample Cacio and Pepe in 3-4 locations and really be able to give my opinion about this popular dish.

As far as this goes I still think that Cantina e Cucina‘s Cacio e Pepe reigns over all the places we ate in but the dish from this restaurant was alsi very OK and miles ahead from the Cacio and Pepe I tried in the restaurant across from Cantina.

I honestly think that this place deserves a shot if you are in the area.

You might not get that memorable, once in a lifetime experience here but you will get a good meal with good portions, very close to the Pantheon and other important sights.

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