The Lodge – Amazing stay in the Cotswolds and a great breakfast

The Lodge – Amazing stay in the Cotswolds and a great breakfast

Although I visited quite a bit of the Cotswolds in my 2016 UK trip I returned in 2018 looking for places I did not see the first time and maybe, if time allowed, catch back on some places I enjoyed the first time.

Being close to Birmingham in 2016 I opted for day trips, driving there early in the morning then returning in the evening back to my friend’s house.

This time, I opted to stay for a night in a place I haven’t visited before.

First I wanted to look for accommodation in Stow on the Wold since I loved it in 2016 but after making my itinerary I chose to stay in a little village named Broadway.

Right from the start I have to confess that my main reason for choosing Broadway was the Broadway Tower, a lovely construction that I planned to take photos of during the evening and maybe at night.

So after thinking for a while I chose The Lodge at Broadway to host me for a night.

You have to understand that Cotswolds villages are really not big so anyway you sit, you will reach any point fast. And besides that there are just a few “must see” in Cotswolds like The Broadway Tower for example. What people come for is the whole fairytale atmosphere that is found in these villages. Not for a special construction or church or something else.

This being said I won’t dwell on the location but if it really means much to you is right in the middle of the village.

Because many people chose to visit the Cotswolds by car you will be glad to know that the Lodge offers some parking places right next to the building.

Before reaching the accommodation you will be contacted by The Lodge on and given directions to help you park because the parking is behind the building and not on the main road so it can get a little confusing without help.

When it comes to the staff I have only good words. The staff is great and a pleasure to talk to. They gave me great info on how to reach the Tower by foot, what to see if I want the next day and more.

I always said that the best way to discover hidden gems is by asking a local so don’t be shy and ask whatever you want.

When it comes to the room this place was hands down the best from my entire trip. I had an amazing stay in St Ives but this place was something else.

If I remember correctly I was accommodated in Fox room, because all rooms are themed, and I have to say everything was great about it.

The Lodge bedroom

The room is big and bright and is decorated lovely.

As you can see from the picture it is really special and each room at The Lodge is different as you can see from their website.

This is one of those places that I can recommend in a heartbeat. No need for extra thinking. It is that good.

The room again

Can’t really say anything bad from the room temperature, the decorations, the quality of the mattress to how clean the room is or the Wi-Fi.

The bathroom is clean and frankly luxurious. I think it was by far the biggest in all my trip. I think 3 times bigger than my St Ives accommodation, not to mention the place I had in Ilfracombe(for which a review is coming up soon).

Big bath

Frankly, I can’t recommend this place enough.

I think it is one of those places where you can really go and relax. Regardless if you travel alone or better yet with someone because this is the kind of accommodation that you want when travelling as a couple.

First I thought of writing about breakfast in a separate post that would have covered one more place from the Cotswolds and one from Ilfracombe but I think it is far better to write about this breakfast place here because it is tied in a way with The Lodge at Broadway.

You see, The Lodge doesn’t offer breakfast but just outside, on the same building, about 10 meters away lies a place called Number 32.

The good news is that customers sitting at The Lodge get a 10% discount at Number 32 so here you can enjoy breakfast each morning while sleeping at The Lodge.

A cup of espresso

Number 32 is a medium place, lovely decorated inside that has a few tables outside, just perfect for those mornings where the sun shines and you want to drink your coffee while facing Broadway’s main street.

The quality of food is great and I think that this combo is great. Sleeping at The Lodge and eating at Number 32.

On that morning before driving to Stow on the Wold I had a great, great breakfast here.

Number 32 breakfast

An all-day breakfast, two slices of toast with Cotswolds butter and jam and a small espresso costed me 13.5 pounds before applying my 10% discount from sleeping at The Lodge.

I really enjoyed the breakfast here and while not as delicious as the things I tried in Birmingham, I can wholeheartedly assure you that it was very, very good.

In the end I would like to say that this place, The Lodge, really deserves a visit.

If you dream of wandering small, beautiful English villages then Cotswolds is what you want and Broadway is a great place to set your camp and explore from there.

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