Sidreria Poma – Asturian restaurant in Ibiza

Sidreria Poma – Asturian restaurant in Ibiza

Ibiza. September.

As I said it before I did not plan for anything in Ibiza except for parties. This was the first place I ever visited where I did not look for places to eat or special things to eat.

After 18 years of listening and dancing to house music this was my only concern: what parties to choose.

So for the first time I did something I don’t normally do. I wandered around town and just sat somewhere and ate.

This is how I ended at Sidreria Poma too. By chance.

The place was very close to the hotel, about 200-300 meters, so one day after the beach I just decided to stop there and eat whatever was on the menu.

Actually my friend said something like” this one here?” and I just went along with it.

As it was a beautiful day we chose to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine and just look around, at the people and at the small street on which the restaurant was situated on until our orders arrived.

The address of this place is Carrer Caietà Soler Nº9 Bajo but you will surely see it since it is on the corner of the street.

The location is central as with most restaurants in Ibiza Town and not difficult to find.

Since today is warm outside, very warm for a November day (over 20 degrees Celsius) and I keep looking out the window hoping I will be able to go outside soon, I will review this place in another way than I usually do.

I remember sitting at the wooden benches outside and joking with my friend, speaking about the Ibiza experience so far, thinking back to close to 20 years since we first started listening to music.

One member of the staff came with the menus and left us to decide what we will eat on that day.

My first disappointment came immediately when he told me they had no Sangria Cava. I love that thing and whenever I’m back in Spain I try to enjoy it as often as I can.

We needed some help from the staff, asking some info about the dishes and I still remember how friendly and nice the person who took care of us was. He told us how big they are, he suggested some things and helped us decide with others.

As usual I tried sampling from quite a few things since I am curious and also I can eat quite a lot.

As the dishes started coming I started trying from all of them and was left with two conclusions:

  • The food tastes good. I really enjoyed all the dishes sampled
  • We could have eaten one or two more tapas. The portions are not very large so if you have a big appetite you can always go for one more. If you just want something to taste it is ok. A mention here is the fact that I am referring to tapas only not to main courses.

Now as I mentioned about I have nothing to complain when speaking of this place in terms of food. The dishes are more than OK and the prices are somewhat in the mid-range. We cannot compare them to southern Italy but neither are they huge like in London. For example for 3-4 tapas and 2 main courses I think we paid around 65-70 euros. I don’t remember exactly because this was one of those times where I threw up the receipt without noting down things.

As we talked to the waiter he mentioned that he was from the Asturias and as a matter of fact Sidreria Poma is an Asturian restaurant.

I can’t really find any faults with the service since we were impressed by the staff and how open and communicative he was with us, answering questions about Asturia, its cuisine, drinks and more.

There was one slight delay in the kitchen with one dish who came later than the others but it was a minor inconvenience so personally I would not hold it against them.

Overall this was a good experience. It is a rare thing when you are satisfied with everything you ate at a restaurant and actually consider coming back to try some things.

You see, I was very curious about some things on the menu and wanted to give it a try but had no luck the second time I was there since the kitchen was closed.

This is one thing you should be aware of when looking for places to eat in Ibiza because there are certain hours during the day when the kitchen is closed and you won’t be able to eat anything.

As a conclusion: this is hard. It is the kind of place that has good food, really good food but I didn’t ate something to remember it. As you know from my other reviews I try to point you into at least one product, one dish that I found amazing and would never forget it.

If ever in Ibiza again I wouldn’t say no to eating here again on the condition I’d try new things from the Asturian menu.



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