Athens. First Glance.

Athens. First Glance.

Did I like it? Have I found good places to eat? Tips for travelers…

Read this series and find out my opinion about Athens, the people, the food, the sights and more.

Now, just like I started with Rome, I am going to start a new series from Athens, a trip I took in April 2017.

I will try to cover as much as I can from my experience including accommodation, transport from the airport, places to eat, beautiful places, places to avoid and more.

When starting a new article it is always important to state your opinion about the subject you are talking about, then build with arguments pro or contra so that anybody can see your reasoning even if they chose to behave differently towards that subject or not.

Did I enjoy Athens? Well…even though I visited more than 100 cities/towns/villages, I think this is the first time I have mixed emotions.

Would I come back again for another round? I frankly can’t answer this question.

When I was waiting for my flight a gentleman required my assistance for a survey and one of the questions in that survey was something along the lines of ”Would you visit Athens again?”. Question I answered by selecting “probably yes” on his tablet.

By writing “Athens. The series” I hope to present to you both the good and the not so good in this legendary city and let yourself chose for yourself if what I wrote is correct or not. Maybe by the end of the series I will have a more clear answer in mind about visiting Athens again.

Before starting off with the Series I would like to make a clear statement that I felt very welcomed by the people of Athens. I was treated nice anywhere I went, they were very helpful, recommendations were made, little advices given or even warnings about where not to go so, in all honesty, I felt very welcomed in the city.

Without further ado let’s dive together, focusing on my accommodation on the first installment of the series.

Hope you’ll enjoy it,