Do you love frozen yogurt?

Do you love frozen yogurt?

Do you love frozen yogurt?

Yogurt. A staple for fitness enthusiasts. Something many people praise for its amazing qualities. Sometimes with zero fat, sometimes with 2-5% fat.

Frankly I eat yogurt because I like its taste. And I only eat yogurt with minimum 10% fat so for me Greek yogurt is a heavenly gift.

So thick you can take it with your spoon, turn it upside down and still have it glued to your spoon.

First time I thought about writing an article was after my trip in Athens last year then I ate some amazing yogurt in Bari and when I finally decided to write a post my trip in Andalucía happened and I discovered another place that still makes me crave after its delicious taste.

The places I will review today are as follows:

• Fresko Yogurt Bar in Athens
• Yogo in Bari
• Smooy in Malaga

Even before I start my small reviews on these places I must confess that I don’t have a clear winner. I did love each of these places and I ate more than 3 times in each. Just for sampling you know?

Before my trip in Athens I did not sample so much frozen yogurt. Even if I was eating regular yogurt almost daily I tried it once or twice back home, in Bucharest, and did not felt impressed.

However things changed right from the first spoon in Athens and I can definitely say that nowadays I’m looking for frozen yogurt more than I’m looking for ice cream. Well at least when I’m not in Italy where it would really be a crime not to enjoy the world famous gelato.

If you pay close attention you will notice a similarity between the three cities where I ate frozen yogurt. They can get very, very hot at summer. So an ice cream, a yogurt is always a welcome option.

So read below for my opinions on these places.

  • Fresko Yogurt Bar in Athens

In Athens, after a morning spent visiting the Acropolis I moved slowly towards Adrian’s Arch wanting to see it and then head over to The Temple of Zeus.

As i passed Fresko yogurt bar I saw a big number of people sitting outside and enjoying the yogurt but I thought “hey maybe later”.

As I returned from my sightseeing I stepped inside the place and ordered a yogurt with sour cherries and all I can say is…it was amazing.

So delicious, so fresh, the heavy yogurt mixed with the cherries… it was an instant hit.

I returned a couple of times to try new samples which I enjoyed much but sour cherry remains my favorite to this day.

The staff is very kind and they explain what certain flavors/mixes are and they have patience into helping you chose.

The price is cheap and I, who am a big eater, can honestly say that this combination will keep you full for a few hours.

If you’re in Athens this place deserves a visit.

It is situated at Dionysiou Areopagitou 3 and here you can check its website.

  • Yogo in Bari.

Having just returned from Athens in April, May hit me hard with Yogo. I must honestly tell that I ate frozen yogurt almost every night. That’s how good this thing was.

Just like at Fresko, the place was extremely small and always crowded.

A big range of options available from different sizes of yogurt to shakes, Yogo tasted delicious each time I tried a different combo. And trust me I did try a lot of them.

The staff was very kind, helpful, always on the move but seeming relaxed at the same time, joking with old customers, taking their time to ask people about their wishes, etc.

The small store can be found at Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 9 and so far I have not discovered an official internet page for them.

  • Smooy in Malaga

You need to try this. You really need to. As you can see from my pictures, not only this yogurt looks delicious it tastes delicious as well.

Smooy is just great and like the other two places that I already mentioned there are multiple sizes from where you can chose or shakes as well.

They also have a great number of toppings here that can be matched and mixed until you find your preferred taste but I really enjoyed the forest fruits toppings.

I ate a great yogurt at Calle Granada, 7 and their website can be reached here.

So there you have it. Three cities, three places, one main ingredient. Yogurt.

If you ever visit these cities and you’re looking for something really delicious give these places a try.

They are all greatly located so if you go on tours, plan to see the sights, etc. you will reach them sooner or later.