Earplugs or how I missed having a good pair in Athens.

Earplugs or how I missed having a good pair in Athens.

In April I have visited Athens and even though we enjoyed the city, the people, the food, the little streets, the city has a major problem. It is loud. Very loud. And this is coming from somebody who spent more than 17 years in clubs dancing to house music.

While the noise may seem OK during the day, there is a whole different situation at night. Especially if you have a room with a street view like I had.

Our hotel was situated close to Omonia square and by tradition this street P. Tsaldari is loud.

So after not being able to close an eye almost all the time during my first night and wondering why did I let my traditional brand of earplugs at home I decided to go to a pharmacy the next day and look for earplugs.

So this is how I ended up with Kessler ear guard (the yellow ones in the picture).

How do the Kessler plugs stack up against Moldex, my brand? Well let me put it this way: I have in my luggage in a small compartment 3 pairs of Moldex earplugs just to be safe. 

I won’t comment on the price since I bought the Kessler plugs in a pharmacy and Moldex was shopped thru Amazon.

What I will comment is the material used for the plugs, sleep quality, shape and comfort.

Material used: Clear winner Moldex. The material used for Kessler is a bit rougher, you can really feel it when it enters your canal and this is not exactly pleasant. Molded is easier to… mold actually so it takes less time to place it in your ear.

Shape: absolute winner Molded. You can only look at the form of each plug and tell which you’d prefer to stick it inside your ear. I felt annoyed by the shape of Kessler which I always feared it will hurt my ear because of its shape.

Comfort: goes without saying that Moldex wins because of the softer and more pleasant material and its shape. Also the Kessler plugs fell off my ear 2 nights whereas the Moldex plugs only start falling when they become very used.

Sleep quality: winner Moldex. Because of its form or the material used I have found the Kessler earplugs of poor quality. My sleep quality in Athens did not improve by much. I had the “chance” to test the Moldex plugs in an hospital for 4 nights in a 16 meter room where I slept with 4 other patients and two supervisors and all I can say is that I managed to sleep.

While some people need no plugs and can fall asleep in the middle of a train station I fall asleep hard needing a quiet room. Ever since I discovered the plugs made by Moldex I can happily say that my sleep has improved quite a bit.

I have about three types of Moldex plugs I rotate between and so far I have been enormously happy with their quality and how much they helped me both at home and during trips or even in unpleasant situations when I had to split a room with one or more persons.

Note: this article was not paid by anyone and I did not received promotional items of any kind.