Enjoyed this pizza place in Pisa

Enjoyed this pizza place in Pisa


I mean who doesn’t like pizza?

Being in Italy and having some good examples before of how a pizza should taste I wanted to select a pizza place while in Pisa too.

It had been a long day spent in Lucca and we didn’t feel like going to some restaurant, wait for the food, etc.

We thought pizza would be faster and we would be able to return quicker to the hotel.

So after returning from Lucca I checked on the internet and Pizzeria Il Montino seemed a well respected place.

About 1.2 kilometers from my hotel, pretty close to Piazza dei Cavalieri or to Arno river, this place is easy to reach from more than one place in the city.

The interior of the place is exactly what you would expect. Bottles on the walls, small drawings, etc all made to make this place more welcoming for the guests.

Small wooden tables, simple, the kind I saw all over Italy in old pizza places.

Refrigerators filled with meats from all over Europe and nothing fancy add to the charm of this place that is said to be an institution among pizza lovers in Pisa.

The staff is OK. I have nothing bad to say about them. I can even give them a small plus for how they moved and talked to us.

When it comes to food there are a few things to take into consideration before talking about the actual food here.

I think that the best pizza I ever ate was in Moneglia at a small restaurant, open for just a few hours each day. I looked among my articles and I find it hard to believe I didn’t review this place yet.

I have eaten pizza in Milan, in Rome and in other places but i have yet to find one pizza that tastes the same as that one did.

When it comes to Il Montino here is what I think.

When it comes to size, it is smaller than the pizza I loved so much in Cinque Terre or even Baffetto’s pizza in Rome.

When it comes to taste, well, things get complicated.

I found the pizza  good but in a different way than in other places.

There is something about the dough that doesn’t let me put it in the same category with Baffetto or with other pizzas I tried in other places.

It is not necessarily better but it has something interesting in it. It is a different taste, one that we enjoyed that evening.

When it comes to prices, i find this place more than fair.

One pizza Pisana, one pizza Andrea, one big bottle of water , one cola and one beer for 28.60 Eur.

All in all I think that this place deserves a shot. It is friendly, the pizzas are quite OK, it won’t break your bank so if you ever look for a pizza in Pisa you could take this place into consideration.

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