Hotel Gonzales – Good hotel in Cordoba

Hotel Gonzales – Good hotel in Cordoba

Now before I start this review I must tell you that Cordoba is a must. There are a lot of tourists here but I feel that many people do this place injustice when choosing to visit just the Alcazar or the Mezquita.

Cordoba is not a place to see in four to five hours. This is a place you can really spend a relaxing day in.

The Mezquita and the Alcazar are amazing but you can certainly spend time seeing the roman bridge, the patios, the small alleys around the Mezquita and you can even catch the night show at the Alcazar. I went to see it and enjoyed it a lot and this is the reason I can recommend it to you with confidence.

When booking a hotel to Cordoba make sure it is near the Mezquita and the Alcazar. These two places are a stone throw’s away and luckily for me Hotel Gonzales was right in the middle of the road between them.

Calle Manriquez 3 is the address and this 2 star Hotel is situated so close to any important landmarks or sights that you want to see in Cordoba.

The Mezquita is about 100 meters away, the Alcazar is at 200 meters away, the Roman Bridge is at about 400 meters away and so is the Jewish Quarter. The famous patios are at about 600 meters away so you can see from the start that the hotel has a great location.

The train station is at 1.8 kilometers away and a taxi will get you from the station to the hotel for about 5/6 euros and I really recommend this type of transportation.

However please be advised if coming by a rented car that the hotel does not have a parking lot and the streets are incredibly narrow. A parking space can be found a bit further from the hotel and if you book at this place you will receive a warning email from the hotel describing you the place, where you can find the parking and a map(received it myself and it is of great use if you plan to come by car).

Regarding the staff I have nothing but good words. Really helpful with indications and info and I also managed to print my ticket to the Alcazar Night Show so I am very happy with this aspect.

The room was big, I guess 3 to 4 times bigger than my room in Seville but since I booked a single room the bed was still a bit small. Not on the length from what I remember but width. Overall it was a single night and I slept ok so I was ok with this aspect.

The bathroom was big and clean. Also a plus for me since I have been in places that were dirty and this aspect made my stay a bit uncomfortable.

Just as with Nochela Sevilla the room felt cold here also so I needed a blanket for the night.

For all the reasons above I think that this place deserves a 4 out of 5 stars.


Cordoba. A place that deserves your attention. From the beauty of the Mezquita to the old Alcazar, from the Roman Bridge to the Patios.

If you ever visit this place make sure you visit these beautiful places. The tickets are cheap and the memories will stay with you forever.  I have paid 10 euro for the entrance at Mezquita, 4.50 euro for the entrance at the Alcazar and 6.50 euro entrance for the night show at the Alcazar.

Regarding the patios I can tell you two things:

  • Yes, there are some free patios but if you want to see how truly beautiful they are you can spare a few euros and enjoy this little, beautiful yards.
  • There are 2 itineraries (each with 5 houses from what I remember) for which you need to buy tickets from separate places (but close to each other). 5 euro is the ticket price for each itinerary and I can honestly say that I am glad that I bought the tickets, admired and photographed the beautiful houses and yards.

Cordoba is a little gem and for a few extra euros you can climb to the top of the small tower resting on one side of the Roman Bridge and have a beautiful view of the river, the bridge and the Mezquita.