Looking for summer destinations in 2019? Read on!

Looking for summer destinations in 2019? Read on!


The most magical time of the year.

Yes, I know many will argue that winter has this crown but for me summer is special.

Summer means beaches, great weather, seas or oceans, lazy days by the pool, great parties, less clothes and more.

Even though I am born in the middle of winter, summer is my favorite time of the year.

Therefore, this article will bring to you some destinations that I think are wonderful during summer months.

I have been to all these places and I think you will love it here during summertime.

Now there are two options for this. You could either land in Pisa or Genoa and take the train from there to the small villages of Cinque Terre. You can search and book flights here.

Moreover, if you are in the area do not rush. Expand your trip a bit and visit Portovenere, Camogli and Portofino.

Why should you go here?

Cinque Terre is one of the most beautiful areas in Italy and in addition, Camogli is one of my favorite places in Italy.

Small colored villages, great views, tiny harbors, lots of great places for pictures and why not some great options for eating.

Since accommodation can run high, you could do like I did and search for places to stay a bit outside Cinque Terre. Moneglia is definitely one option but there are numerous places that will offer you great memories on your stay.

The best part about Cinque Terre is its size. You could easily spend the morning at the beach (as I did in Moneglia) then catch a train and start exploring the small towns.

Despite the number of tourists Cinque Terre manages to remain beautiful. It is romantic, it is quiet sometimes, it is beautiful and it will offer you lifelong memories.

Think Cinque Terre is too busy?

Well why don’t we change the country and explore this following area.

One of England’s most beautiful areas.

I can’t even begin to list all of the villages but trust me. You will want to see them all. Or as many as you can.

If I were to make a top I would surely visit again Stow on the Wold, Bibury, The Slaughterr or Chipping Camden.

And make sure you don’t miss the Broadway Tower. In fact, you could use the same place I used when I was accommodated in the area. It is beautiful and you will not regret it.

If you fly to Birmingham you can rent a car and explore this amazing area easily.

Why should you visit this place?

Well it is simple. Maybe you like the temperatures to be a little lower, maybe you want to see some traditional English villages or drink a glass of great beer.

Maybe you want to explore one of Europe’s best-looking areas, a place where nature meets the beautifully traditional English houses.

On the other hand, maybe you want to simply see how it is to drive on the right side of the road.

Regardless of your motif, the Cotswolds is an amazing area. Its green, its houses, its small winding roads look like the setting of a beautiful story, a story that will leave you enchanted. And I would strongly suggest spending the night in the Cotswolds or even a few nights. You could search for accommodation here.

There are a lot of beautiful places in Spain but the following two places are well hidden in the mountains.

  • Ronda, Cordoba and Setenil de las Bodegas

Yes, you could easily spend time in Malaga, Cadiz or the amazing Seville but Andalucia in the summer can get pretty hot.

Cordoba, Ronda and Setenil are small places. Beautiful small places. And they are a bit cooler than the rest.

You can land in Madrid and take the train to Cordoba or land in Malaga and take the train to Ronda. No matter how you chose to visit this area you will greatly enjoy it.

The patios of Cordoba, the Mezquita, the Alcazar and the night show, the Roman bridge of Ronda or the houses in the rock from Setenil, all offer amazing things to see.

You simply cannot go wrong here.

The food is great like I wrote in my previous articles, you can find decent accommodation and I am sure you will enjoy each of these small towns.

You can easily spend a full day in Cordoba while Ronda and Setenil can be done in a day so you do not need much time to create beautiful memories.

These are just a few places that you could visit during this summer.

In my next articles I will keep reviewing beautiful places from my trips, show you more pictures and tell you all about the latest @momondo offers.

Until then…why don’t you watch the pictures again and imagine yourself in these beautiful places?

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