My trip to Ibiza

My trip to Ibiza

This morning, about 3 am, I got home after 5 days of partying in Ibiza. I wanted to write this first piece as fast as possible, in the first 2-3 days after my comeback, and then publish it when I see fit.

The reason I’m doing this is because I have many things to say about this trip and I want them as fresh as possible. A bit difficult after sleeping for about 3 hours each night.

So in these articles that will follow I will cover my accommodation, the restaurants where I ate, the beaches I visited, the experience I had with Formentera (small island south of Ibiza) and my experience with the 5 parties/different clubs I visited while in Ibiza.

From the start I must say that while I have some mixed feelings about certain things/places on the island, this is a place to see more than once. And while I may sound old for saying this clubbing is not all that Ibiza has to offer.

Small secluded beaches, little lovely restaurants, the old town of Ibiza, an amazing sea are some of the things that Ibiza provides.

As a matter of fact the first thing that struck me when boarding the plane from Milan to Ibiza was how diversified the people were. There were young party people of course but also old couples, families with kids, single persons and that is because Ibiza has something to offer to each person.

Of course Ibiza is seen as a party destination but I can guarantee that if you want a normal holiday or even a romantic one this place can deliver.

I will touch prices as well. I think that lately Ibiza is going more and more towards luxury tourism, in a way ignoring the people that first made it famous.

For me Ibiza has been a dream. Since I first got into house music in 2000 I have been to hundreds, thousands of parties and went after my favorite DJs at places like Sensation White, Exitfest in Novisad, Serbia or to clubs like Ministry of Sound in London.

This trip gave me not only a nice tan but the answer to the question I have been asking myself for the last years: can I, after 17 years of clubbing, be still impressed by a party? And you will surely find that out when I will review the parties I attended at Amnesia, Hi, Ushuaia, Pacha and DC10.

I will even try to review different parts of the island and how I see them fit for every category of traveler.

Each place has something special and stays in the heart of a traveler due to one or more reasons. Ibiza has given me quite a few moments that I will cherish forever.

So as usual the next piece I will write will focus on my accommodation then go thru the clubs and parties and focusing last on the restaurants and beaches.

This first post from the series was kept short intentionally but you can rest assured the following pieces will treat this place more in depth considering how much I was able to pack in 5 days.

Thank you for reading this and if there is anything you want to ask you can just shoot me an email or leave a comment.