Lily Hotel – Never again hotel in London

Lily Hotel – Never again hotel in London

Having a workhop in London I decided to get there a day earlier, to get some extra time to walk thru the city and see the places I saw so many times but still enjoy.

Since the rest of the accomodation was paid by the firm(will do an article about that hotel also) I looked for a relatively close place so I could switch hotels fast the next day and still get some time for a coffee or maybe lunch in London.

After checking many places on I made my reservation for one night at Hotel Lily, 22-33 Lillie Road.

Bellow my review touching the points I consider essential:

  • location: this is a plus, you can easily reach it from either West Kensington metro or from Earl’s Court metro station. The hotel is close enough to Old Brompton Road and there you can find many places to eat(one will be reviewed in a later article also). So it is fair to say that from the airport it is very easy to get to this place.
  • staff: not much interaction, I can’t really say anything negative but no good words either.
  • room: well, this is where the fun stops. The rooms are small and small would not be a problem if they weren’t dirty. From all my experiences overseas this has got to be the dirtiest place I ever slept in. The entire room seemed dirty, stains on the carpet, even broken/teared the carpet in one place, the remote control for the tv covered in a sticky “i dont know exactly what to call it” and the bathroom…

The bathroom was small, the tub seemed very old and a bit dirty and on the side of the tub there seemed to be an unfinished piece of work, just like the tub was deopped there but the finishing touches were missing.

I stood in 2 star hotels in Italy and in the Netherlands but trust me…they were cleaner. A lot cleaner.

As I walked on some corridors to get to my room I couldn’t help feeling that the hotel seemed to be made in some places from lego bricks. I mean at 6.3(190 cm) there were places in whichmy head seemed to brush the ceiling, then tall again and so on.

  • the breakfast: english breakfast. The egg and bacon were decent but i did not touch the beans. The guys serving seemed friendly so not the worst experience with a hotel breakfast.

As far as I know english breakfast is the only option so if you can stomach it then I guess it would be ok.

Before conclusions I would like to point out a fact: regardless of the room’s size or the hotel staff I consider a clean room to be essential. I slept in smaller rooms, I slept in rooms without windows and i slept in rooms in which my feet would touch the door when lying in my bed. But They were all clean. Unfortunatelly this place isn’t. And I’m not talking about dust or silly things but of real dirty.

So with regret I mark this to be my first negative review on the blog but I would not reccomend this place to anyone.

Pay something extra and chose something cleaner.