Nice hotel in Balchik

Life is always better at the beach

Nice hotel in Balchik

One of the hardest things to do, while in a pandemic, is to keep writing articles about travelling.

For almost a year now, many of the borders have been either closed or the conditions, quarantine, etc made it so difficult that travelling looked more like a chore than something fun.

I will be honest and be the first to admit 2020 was not exactly what I planned and all my trips fell one after the other as the conditions in Europe grew worse.

However, it was not exactly an entire year lost.

I managed to sneak in a few days in Bulgaria, took two photography workshops, visited a few cities inside Romania, climbed a few mountains so in a way I moved a bit around.

Not exactly what I had planned but I am being thankful even for that.

My first trip to Bulgaria has been to Balchik, a quiet, small place close to the border with Romania.

Hotel Elit Palace and Spa was the hotel I picked for my trip and here is how things went.


We can’t really say anything about the location since for the first time in all my travels I just looked for a good deal and knowing I will drive to the beach each day.

View of the room

Maybe in other years I would have picked a beach hotel but 2020 was different so my main criteria was good reviews and a decent price.

The hotel is pretty close to the Balchik Palace(under 2 kilometres from what I recall) but I honestly took the car each evening as I went to eat in that area.

Judging from how many cars were in the parking lot I would have to say many others thought just like me.

I wasn’t that impressed when I saw the hotel on the outside.

Frankly I feared it will be a flop.

I left my car in the hotel’s parking(be careful, it can fill up quickly) and went inside to check in.

Upon reaching the room I felt my worries go away.

While not a top class hotel(I didn’t pay for world class so I shouldn’t have expected it) the hotel is actually really OK.

Yes, the room’s furniture is in an old, massive style but the place was clean and the bed was decent to sleep in.

One of the things that really bugged me, and I noticed this in many places I been lately, is the fact that double bed means 2 beds next to each other and not a massive, one piece.

I understand the reasoning but still, I don’t have to like it.

Large and pretty confortable bed

Breakfast was served every day on the terrace outside and since this was in the time of the pandemic I noticed that the rules were kept in place(gloves, screen protection, masks inside the hotel and restaurant, etc) so that is a bonus.

The bathroom was also OK with hot water coming instantly and towels provided by room service.

The bathroom

When it comes to the staff I can say that I was very pleased with the interactions we had during my stay at the hotel.

All in all I considered my first trip to the Bulgarian seaside to be nice and the hotel was a part of it.

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