George House Apartments & Villa – Nice little spot in Lefkada

George House Apartments & Villa – Nice little spot in Lefkada

Funny thing.

When I booked this accommodation I put George House in Lefkada on my Waze and off I went.

Only to discover, after 13 hours of driving and unloading my bags from  the car that it was the wrong George House.

You see I drove to the one in Lygia but the one I had reservations on was in Kariotes.
Not to worry, just 3-4 kilometers away but the last thing you want after a being awake since 02:00 in the morning, passing 2 customs and driving for 1100 kilometers.

And that was the only unpleasant part of the journey.

Because I can honestly tell you that I really enjoyed my trip to Lefkada(many articles coming) and i totally recommend George House apartments & villa as accommodation.

Starting with this trip in Greece I will try to make my articles shorter, more to the point and only go on more details for special articles like I did in Milan or the article on Thai Food or the Food and Entertainment in New York.

That being said, let’s get to business.


Lefkada is not a huge spot. However the island has two parts. The east part with Lefkada Town, Lygia, Nidri, etc and the west part, famous for the amazing beaches such as Porto Katsiki, Milos, Kavalikefta, etc.

You might look on the gps and say “well there are only 25 kilometers from here to X beach. I will reach it quickly but no. Take a small warning. Roads in Lefkada are narrow and twisty so it is very likely you will drive for quite a bit for small distances.

For example Cape Lefkada was 40 km away from me and I drove for 1:30 hours.

Each way.

So take this into consideration when booking.

Now to be honest I knew that from the start so my plan was to get a good, cheap accommodation somewhere near the exit from the island.

You see, my plan was to drive from Lefkada to Thessaloniki and by staying in Vasiliki for example would have added another hour to the road.

So when I found this place I didn’t hesitate and booked it immediately.

The accommodation is 5-6 kilometers away from Lefkada Town(and here is maybe one of the few places where you will arrive quickly) and also close to Nidri and Nikiana if you like livelier places with the possibility of hanging out at night.

The beach I used in the mornings was Lygia beach, just a few minutes of driving from the property.

best way to start the day

Another warning here(I will repeat many things in a complete article of things to do in Lefkada) is that the beaches on the east coast are small and full of pebbles and rocks. So before going into water do yourself a favor and spend 5-10 euros and buy some special plastic shoes. They are a gem and your experience will be far more pleasant after using them.

The accommodation(the room)

The room was medium in size with a small bath and a balcony.

The room

Don’t ever go booking a room in Greece without a balcony.

Yes, it is pleasant to stay on it in the evening and enjoy a glass of wine after a long day at the beach but a balcony helps you dry all those sweaty, wet, washed clothes that you wore during the day.

At 37 degrees and 75 to 84% humidity… Imagine how wet/often you ll change clothes.

So go for rooms with balconies.

You don’t want to dry all those things inside the room where you sleep.

The room is very clean and beds were made each day. Clean towels, provisions for the bath, all taken care of each day so this is a great point for the property.

And a small bathroom

When checking the property on booking I saw top marks and points for cleanliness and I can attest to that after spending time here.

Breakfast. Had none. I don’t know if they serve on the property but I wanted just a coffee in the mornings or an orange juice so I served those on the beach.

The staff.

The staff is great. All the people I met during my days there were smiling, helpful and eager to help.

I really give them a big 10 for all the efforts they put into making us comfortable.

All in all, since I promised to keep things shorter, I think that this accommodation is of great value.

I am certainly happy with my days spent there and I wouldn’t hesitate to book this place again if I ever visit Lefkada again.

Stay tuned for more articles from this trip to Greece and many other places!