OK Pizza in Milan

OK Pizza in Milan

The first day I got in Milan, in 2014, after a full day of walking my steps took me to a quiet place near Arco della Pace, on Corso Sempione.

That was the first time I ate at Pizza OK and since I visited Milano 5 more times during the last years I had the chance to eat a few more times at this place.

To keep the review short I will focus on the main points:

  • Location-is not exactly in the middle of the city but if you visit Castello Sforzesco you can cross the park and grab a bite to eat.
  • The place-simple but clean. Do not expect something fancy. There are always quite a few people eating there.
  • Staff- each time I was there I received a good service. Nothing to complain about.
  • Pizza- the pizzas are huge by any standard, edges falling out of the plates and are decent. It is not the best pizza I ever had but each time I was there I enjoyed it.
  • Price- as far as I can remember the pizza is cheap. I never ordered anything else from the menu so I can’t help you in this regard.

    A fair warning though: the dough of the pizza is sometimes too crispy. I am not used to pizza breaking in my hands when eating but rather more bending and hanging so this is the first time I ever saw that.

All in all I would have to say I sometimes miss Milan and the evenings in which I enjoyed a pizza at this place. If you’re in the area you could give it a try.

This review was left intentionally short. I consider this place to be an ok place but don’t expect something special. It will fill you up after a hard long day but it will not make your top 5 list.


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