Pasta and pesto in Vernazza

Pasta and pesto in Vernazza

Whenever I think of Cinque Terre my face lits with a big smile. Not only this amazing area allowed me to see some stunning images, little colored buildings, fishermen’s boats painted in all colors, beautiful small bays and waves hitting the shore over and over creating such an amazing sound, but also when I think of this area I think of the food I tasted here.

Until this day I have not eaten a pizza like I tasted here(more in a future post) and until this year the pasta I ate here was without hesitation the best pasta in the world.( I will review later 2 restaurants, one in Bari and one in Lecce where I tasted something incredible).

After a long day exploring the small villages that are Cinque Terre, my feet took me Vernazza where I strolled on the main street admiring the buildings until I reached the harbour.

Before going on this trip I read that a special dish for this area was the pasta con pesto( trofie al pesto if I remember corectly) so I was really itching to taste something from this part of Italy.

My luck made it that the first time I ever tasted such a dish was at Taverna del Capitano in Vernazza.

Unlike my usual reviews where I use bullets for different aspects of the review here I will skip such an approach due to the fact that I did not have the chance to visit the restaurant inside and also I ate only one dish and didn’t interact with the staff too much.

Before starting this review I would like to mention the fact that the Taverna del Capitano restaurant proudly displays the logo Cucina Tipica on their site and on display at the location, granted to those local businesses which guarantee their dedication to traditional methods and the high quality of their products.

I came across this information while I was searching for the restaurant’s site so if you consider it of any help or would like to know more about this type of logo feel free to search it on Google.

The place is split between an inside area and the terrace which oversees the small harbour of Vernazza. I had the luck to find a small table outside where I was able to enjoy my glass of house wine while waiting for the pasta to arrive.

The pasta, my dish, con pesto was simply amazing. The pasta boiled a bit al dente it left you chewing slowly while flavours filled your mouth.

Until then I must honestly say I never tasted something so good made from only two or three ingredients.

I was surprised by how well the flavors matched and went with the wine the staff reccomended.

Even though just a house wine, I must say it could hold its own against many bottled, more expensive wines.

The bruschette before the pasta were good, I really enjoyed them as an appetizer and even my friend’s pasta was ok but what really struck gold was this amazing dish I have ordered. Unfortunatelly for me, I have tried the same dish in one or two more places(will review those aswell) but they were nowhere near the dish I got that day.

Before the final conclusion I must say that the prices were very Ok, I remember paying not more than 10-11 euros for my pasta, which was a great price considering how rich in tourists Cinque Terre is and how good the food was.

In the end I must say that after a day of beach and exploring small villages this came like a blessing. To eat a delicious meal, to drink a good wine, outside, watching the harbour in Vernazza, people moving around, all happy,exploring, discovering this area, is a feeling one must try.

So if you’re ever in Vernazza give this place a try.