Rainy Sunday in New York

Rainy Sunday in New York

If Sunday would have been my first day in NY I would have disliked the city from the start.24 hours of nonstop rain poured over the city and soaked my clothes and changed my mood.

This is a day in which I did not manage to see many things so that is why today’s post will be shorter.

4 hours until my flight takes off and I keep writing and waiting for the check in to open. Yes, I started writing the series when waiting for my plane and I think that by the time the plane goes into air, I will have quite a few posts written down.

Now, the first stop of that day was the Met.

I have purchased tickets online, printed them and I wasn’t going to let some rain stop me. Little did I know that that rain was a mild warning for what was about to come later.
Looking back, while the memories are fresh, I can tell you that the Met impressed me the most from the museums I have visited in New York.

As a rule I lately avoid museums unless they have some Picasso pieces due to the fact that along the years I have enjoyed The British museum, Tate Gallery, the Louvre, Musee d’Orsay, Albertina, The Rijskmuseum or the Picasso Museum just to name a few.

As the years pass, my claustrophobia advances so after an hour spent in a place with no windows and no fresh air I start to get anxious and just wait for it to be over so I can get out faster.

That being said I must admit that if I’d have to choose from the 3 museums I visited in NY this would clearly be the winner due to the fact that it hosts a classics collections that is really worth seeing.

As a quick note here I must stress again that you should buy your tickets online. Once you go inside the museum, you will just head towards the center information isle and they will print something and you’ll put a little piece of paper on your chest, jacket etc. and you are ready to go. Don’t waste precious time standing in huge lines to buy your tickets on site.

Do you remember when I told you that my life started fixing itself? Well, as the rain started pouring over the city it seemed to also wash my thoughts and ideas and clear my mind.

This was the first day I took a small step in the direction of removing toxic people from my life and I’m glad that the rain kept me a bit longer in the New York Public Library where I just walked and stared and the magnificent building and the people reading or working on their laptops but also drew my breath and sat on a bench and started to let go.

I first let go of someone who didn’t care. May thru September had been ugly, first the accident, then the surgery. Not a question asked, not a get well wish, nothing. As days passed I realized that even my lousy excuse for wanting to sleep with her was not enough to keep her in my life. So I let go. I decided to stop answering or writing and to move on. I decided to let it die slowly and stop worrying my head if it is worth it or no.

It wasn’t but I was a mess and I didn’t see it until then.

On that rainy day as I walked towards the Grand Central I let go again. Another girl. Funny, smart, beautiful. I guess every man’s dream. Except mine. So I thought about our talks, our ideas and realized how different the worlds in which we lived in were.
So it was easy to let go. I am pretty sure she will make someone happy someday but that someone isn’t going to be me.

This being said here day 2 ends. A rather short day in a wet, flooded city that reminded me of the rain I endured in Bucharest, just before leaving.

Next stop will be Monday, a day full with sights and walking and a much bigger article.

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