Village Hotel – Sweet spot in Coventry

Village Hotel – Sweet spot in Coventry

Before visiting my friend in Birmingham I took a small business trip to Coventry in July 2016 and decided to check in at the Village Hotel Coventry due to the fact that the workshop was held on the Hotel’s premises.

The hotel boasts with having a pool, a gym and a health and beauty studio but I will review only the things I used/was impressed by












How to get to the hotel? If you land in Birmingham like I did you can take the train up to Canley station, cross the small bridge across the railways and in 3-5 minutes you will reach the hotel.

From Birmingham airport a bus can be taken to Coventry also but I have not tested this option.

So, in order to keep this as short as possible here it goes:

  • Hotel staff: very professional, very keen to help, provided me info on how to reach the city, bus station, etc.
  • Location of the hotel: very close to Canley train station, though a bit far from the center of Coventry. A bus stops outside the hotel and you can take it directly to Coventry or you can walk for a few kilometers (like I did) admiring the quiet streets and beautiful houses.
  • Room: one of the nicest rooms I ever been to, with a big plus for the bathroom. The bed tall, the pillows very good, the room I was accommodated in was a decent size so I didn’t feel cramped in.
  • Facilities: I haven’t tried the pool or the gym of the hotel but I took my dinner in one of the two restaurants available inside the Hotel’s premises. Food was good, the Guinness was cold and the prices were…well UK prices. There is also a Starbucks Café located inside the premises of the Hotel and I was able to get an espresso there before the workshop started.

If you look on the Hotel’s website you will discover a lot of attractive offers giving you discounted prices for accommodation, drinks, food and even events.

My verdict: the rooms are great and the staff alike. It could be a good base for exploring the surroundings since Canley station is very close. However before planning your trips you must check the surroundings and make sure that you have direct connections to the places you want to reach, otherwise you could be forced to travel up to Coventry Train Station that is 2.3 km away or even to Birmingham to start your trips.