The beauty of Locorotondo

The beauty of Locorotondo

I dreamt about visiting Puglia for quite some time. For years I have looked at pictures and made routes and itineraries so I could see as much as I can in the week I planned to spend there.

Everywhere I looked the main places appeared. Places like Bari, Lecce, Alberobello, Matera, Otranto, Poglinano a Mare, Monopoli. And I visited them all but also I managed to find some places that are not that well known and visited.

I managed to reach San Foca, Grotta della Poesia, Grotte di Castellana and a very small, lovely places named Locorotondo.

Now I must say that I rented a car and drove around Puglia for about 800 kilometers. And in that first day of renting that car I drove to visit Alberobello, Locorotondo and Ostuni.

While I was eager like a kid waiting for candy to see Alberobello I must confess that on that day my heart stayed more in Locorotondo.

After visiting Alberobello I drove for a short distance (about 7-8 kilometers) and parked the car in a big parking lot at the edge of Locorotondo.

Now, as a curiosity, I must confess I really dug out to find this place. Being so close to Alberobello it is often overlooked by tourists and that is a pity.

Locorotondo is not greatly advertised as Alberobello is. Or how Matera is. But there are some places in Puglia that are just like this. Unknown to the great public and just waiting to be discovered.

From what I remembered that parking lot was free so I guess that’s another plus no?

After leaving the car there I walked in a straight line for about 100 metres and took a left and started climbing some white stairs and remained charmed from the first step.

This place is not big, it is actually small and arriving at around 11:30 I expected to see some agitation on the streets, at least customers. As you can see from my pictures that was not the case. The small, white streets were empty and quiet.

So quiet that even the 3 pairs of tourists I met were whispering as they walked.

I kept moving along the white streets for quite some time. I admired the white of the houses, the colors of the plants and flowers that were decorating some walls or windows, I admired the small wooden plaques and indicators, the iron railings on the stairs of some houses.

I admired the green shutters and the small balconies, the little vases with flowers near the doors, the brown doors and the lampposts in the walls.

I admired the little place with a bike hanging on the wall, small wooden tables outside, flowers decorating the walls, the cardboard signs with quotes and messages.

I moved on the streets until I reached Café della Villa, an old coffee shop with a small terrace, and served an espresso freddo, one of the best I ever tasted while admiring the tourists that were starting to reach the city.

Sitting there, a few Italians around me I felt so peaceful and relaxed, it was like a charge to my batteries.

What you must understand is that this place does not have main attraction sights or must see things but instead the whole city is something to be seen. All the things I numbered until now are what make this place a must see town.

For me Locorotondo was something special and even though I must say I loved Puglia with its warm people, its delicious food and great places to see, this place felt special to me.

This place is one of those places that you wish to come back to one more time, to enjoy the paved streets, the contrast between the flowers and the white of the walls, to sip a coffee and maybe grab a bite to eat.

Maybe next time I will stay for a night here. The pictures I took here were amazing and I’m really curious how they would come out in the sunset, that contrast between the sun and the buildings.

So if you want to relax, if you want to see something really beautiful and special give this place a try.

I found it to be one of the most beautiful places I ever seen. Maybe you’ll agree with me someday after walking its streets.


PS: if you’re looking for more Locorotondo pictures you can go check my Instagram profile(bottom of the page) and I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy them as I do each time I look over them.