A beautiful park in Barcelona

A beautiful park in Barcelona

The first two times I been to Barcelona I was able to visit the Parc Guell for free so when I arrived again in December 2016 my steps took me there again for another ride into Gaudi’s works.

However things had change since my last visit (2009) so now the Parc is split into two areas: the free access area which is open to all visitors for free and the Monumental Zone (which hosts Gaudi’s works) for which a ticket is required now.

However a ticket is cheap and it is totally worth it. You can easily buy it online and program your visit so all you have to do is show up and enjoy the park’s beauty.
There are 3 ways to enter the park so depending on where you are or how you will get there you could study in advance the metro stop or bus stop closest to the park’s entrance.

I remember always stopping at Vallcarca metro station and taking a 15-20 minute walk (which includes plenty of stairs and angled streets) to enter the Parc. So according to how fit you are/feel study the options before and plan your route accordingly.

But no matter how you get there this park is a must see. Nature’s beauty mixed with the works of Gaudi will keep you fascinated for quite a while.

If I’d have to give you an advice it would be to buy the ticket to Monumental Zone. Don’t just walk by it or take photos from the distance. For a small fee you will be able to see this great place closer. It is really worth it and now since the entrance is limited you will get the chance to admire the place without the crowds I was used to on my previous trips to this place.

Barcelona has been in my heart ever since I first visited this amazing city. I fell in love with the people, the food, the wines, the happy atmosphere and the great sights that can be admired here.

Even though Parc Guell is a bit far from the other attractions ( Sagrada, Pedrera, etc) a visit to Barcelona without it would be incomplete.

The park is beautiful regardless of the time you chose to visit it, the nature blending with Gaudi’s works leaving you with a memorable experience.

So in my opinion book a ticket online, get there one hour earlier, walk thru the alleys of the park, enjoy the nature and then enter the Monumental Zone. You will enjoy it.