Panificio Fiore – In love with focaccia

Panificio Fiore – In love with focaccia

Bread. I could eat it all day and still ask for more.

When I travelled in Bari in May I had a “mission” to find the best focaccia in town.

You see, I love seeing new places. Raising your eyes for the first time to see an impressive castle or a majestic waterfall, stepping on a beautiful beach, getting lost on the streets of a new town, all this I love.

But I strongly believe that when visiting a place you should always try something local. A special dish, a type of bread, a glass of wine. Something natural, most of the times hand made, using local products.

So in Bari, after checking the internet to find out local dishes, I wanted to taste the focaccia.

I sampled many amazing dishes in Bari but today is about Panificio Fiore’s focaccia.

Now, for most people focaccia is something that comes to the table like a side dish.

But trust me they must have never tasted a piece of focaccia in this place.

It is simply amazing.

What is more amazing is the fact that the recipe is so simple… You have the bread, the tomato sauce, oil and depending on the region olives or artichokes. Here the artichokes were present.

But trust me, I have eaten two pieces( one piece is fairly large keep in mind) and I was craving for more. That’s how good it was.

The place, Panificio Fiore, is on a street called Palazzo di Citta at number 38, somewhere in the old town of Bari, and is a small shop filled with local delicacies where I have seen many locals stand in line waiting for the focaccia.

The focaccia is so cheap that price does not even deserves to be mentioned but what needs to be said is the fact that one or two slices can keep you full for a long time as you explore Bari.

That being said, if ever in Bari, TRY IT.