Ristorante Pizzeria Pasquino – Not so good restaurant in Rome

Ristorante Pizzeria Pasquino – Not so good restaurant in Rome

Second trip to Rome ended and I am back with many reviews or updates to old articles.

Also, due to one place I started leaving reviews again on Trip Advisor so it is likely to find me there also. Not all the articles but many of them.

If you read my original food articles from Rome you already know that I back then, in 2017, I loved the food from Cantina e Cucina, Alfredo e Ada or La Prosciutteria.

But what do you do when you are far away from the places you tested or simply the line outside them is so big that you don’t want to spend an hour in line?

You try other things, other places.

So that is exactly what I did one day when the line at Cantina e Cucina was too big to just hope I could get a bite to eat in the next hour and a half.

I just walked a few meters away and decided to stop at a place named Ristorante Pizzeria Pasquino.

I wasn’t too convinced from the beginning but after half a day of walking I was not in the mood to spend time and look on the internet for new places or walk for two kilometers just so that I could be greeted by another big line in waiting.

Because I promised I will keep things short let’s get down to this.


Only 20 meters from Cantina e Cucina and under 200 meters away from Piazza Navonna.


It is easily reached, close to a main attraction and very visible on the road.

The place is big, both inside and some tables outside so you are likely to find a table if you wish to try this place.

On the day that I ate there I saw a lady outside making the materials for the pasta and pizza and I guess that this attracts a large number of tourists who look for a local restaurant.


Neutral. Nothing bad but not as friendly as in other locations. I am a big fan of the girls from Cantina e Cucina but that’s just my style.


The order consisted in Pasta Fagioli,  Cacio e Pepe, Carbonara, two glasses of white wine and a bottle of water.

That ended up costing me 42.50 euro which may seem like a lot but actually is OK for how many things I had on the table.

Regarding the taste of the food I can’t say I was impressed.

cacio e pepe

Nothing stood out from the courses we tried and the wine was weak. I know it was a cheap wine but I drank the house wine in some other locations and it was far superior.

The food was as I said unimpressive and I can’t imagine myself giving the place another try.

Just across the road is the marvelous restaurant Cantina e Cucina and I can recommend 2-3 other locations that will top this one.

Now, i don’t want this to sound so bad because the food was not bad. Just… Bland. I am sure many people would enjoy it but I am used to something else therefore I can’t give it my vote.

When it comes to food in Rome stay tuned for more articles.

Updates on my articles from Cantina e Cucina, Alfredo e Ada and Prosciutteria, two other new restaurants tried and a review for two ice cream places coming soon.

Until then,
Take care