Pancakes in Milan

Pancakes in Milan

Milan. Over the years I have developed a love relationship with this city I first visited on a cloudy, cold day in February 2014.

I was there to catch a Champions League match between AC and Atletico Madrid so I decided to spend 5 days exploring Milan and a few near cities.

On Wednesday (my third day in Milan) the weather kind of sucked. The game was set for that night but it was raining. Not hard but enough to make you carry an umbrella and that usually spoils the fun.

As I already visited The Sforzesco Castle, The Duomo, Scala and many more I was taking my time and walking in Brera, a little gem in the heart of Milan.

And so as I was walking without a fixed target I did something I usually never do. I entered in the first restaurant that caught my eye without not knowing or without reading anything about it before.

And so I have arrived and ate at Caffe Vecchia Brera, a medium size place located in Brera neighborhood at Via dell’Orso 20.

I never read about this place before (I didn’t use trip advisor that much in 2014) so I was taken to a table by a member of the staff and a menu was placed in front of me.

Now, before I start my review I must say something: this place serves pancakes. And when I say pancakes I’m not referring to American pancakes but crepes, this being the word used more around here.

  • In the heart of the city, close to Sforzesco Castle, Scala and The Duomo. It is easy reachable by foot. The Caffe is decorated like an American diner, with red cushions and chairs, posters and pieces of paper/newspapers on the walls.
  • Really friendly, I had no problem with them as they took my order fast, the food came just the same and they were pleasant altogether.
  • The menu is split in two parts: crepes and other food. Frankly I been here a few times since my first visit and I never tasted anything except the crepes. There are two kinds of crepes: sweet and normal. Normal meaning filled with spinach, ham, eggs, cheese etc.

The portions are big, I can tell you this right from the start. I remember the first time I was there, just a few hours before the match I ordered one portion with spinach and ham and one portion with cheese and something else I can’t remember now.

So when the girl took my order she asked me again if I want two portions since she couldn’t believe it and as she approached the counter she told the cook ”spagnolo” or something like this and I laughed because really I’m sure there are not many Italians who would eat two pieces of crepes in this place due to their size.

The crepes are good. Both the normal and the sweet ones. I tasted over time more than 8/9 types of crepes and I enjoyed the varied combinations.

This is not a place where you will spend much time. The orders come pretty fast and after eating instead of laying in the sofa or a chair you can always walk slowly in Brera enjoying this beautiful neighborhood.

  • When you think 7-10 euros for crepes (1 piece) it would seem much I am aware of this. But if I tell you that you can satisfy your hunger from a portion that wouldn’t seem so much of a price.

After eating you take the little piece of paper with your order and head towards the cash register and pay. Simple as that.

As an end note I’d like to say that this place was really nice with a good service and some really interesting combinations of crepes.

If you are in Milano you could give it a try. Maybe you’ll like this place also.



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